Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Anatomy Scan

Had my anatomy scan yesterday and found out it was a girl, I was so sure it was a boy, I had my name already picked out, now I have to wrap my head around the fact it is a girl. Baby looked good had the same ultrasound tech, I swear she tries to punch the probe through my stomache, I guess there was concern baby was not moving much, so doc came in and there she was just swimming and flipping away, doc did not press probe so hard into my stomache, I think tech was making it hard for baby to move. I guess I will go get me a mannequin head and learn to braid, so at least the child does not look crazy, have another anatomy scan next week with regular doc, and peri wants to do it again at appointment in a month, I have had a ultrasound with every doc appointment I am not complaining, at least a regular doc appointment I can record that ultrasound again. Husband is very excited and stuck on one name, I am still getting used to having a girl so don't know yet really how I feel about the name.

Monday, December 14, 2009


I will be waiting to do my gender scan with Peri on the 28th of dec., bummer but I guess I can wait two more weeks, and it will be a more accurate guess, and very inexpensive just my copay. My appetite has come back I can't eat alot at one sitting but every two hours I am starving, need to be better about having snacks especially in the afternoon after sitting in traffic on the highway I feel like I just want to run cars over so I can get home and eat, I usually stop and get a burger or chicken sandwich not good choices especially since I have to monitor blood sugars and dinner is always high, nurse has already called and cussed me out about making choices after I faxed her my glucose sheet for the week.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Finally uploaded something

I finally am uploading my ultrasound video from 11wks, had to get it converted to the right file. Still have to get a scanner so I can upload ultrasound pics.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NT Scan

Wow I am still going, had my NT scan yesterday it took 2 freakin hours, the baby would not move in the right position for neck measurement, she would shake my belly and baby would lift its hand like leave me alone I am sleep and curl tighter in the fetal position, she would have me move in all these different positions and then cough, and she used so much ultrasound gel my pants were covered in it.

Then I got my bill for delivery, I was surprised about that did not know I had to prepay, but I am not complaining about what I have to pay, I was listening to this couple while waiting in docs office the wife was having a panic attack about what they had to pay, I heard the number and was like woah I see why she is panicing so I am grateful for the amount I have to pay.

Still throwing up, have not been taking Zofran, no nauseous, so I can deal with throwing up.
I have scheduled my gender scan with one of those 3d/4d ultrasound places for dec 19th wanted to know before xmas suppose to be going to visit hubbys family for XMAS so it will be nice to share the news with what we are having if baby is cooperating, if not gender scan with doc is on Dec. 28th.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Graduated

Yeah I finally graduated from the RE, I was nervous the tech I got was the one who had told me about my miscarriage and she was so bitchy then. But she was real nice and took fifty million pictures, the baby looked liked it was running, I kept thinking in my head Run Forest Run, then it flipped and then it bent over and mooned us. My RE gave me a silver spoon as a parting gift and hug and said hope you choose us again when you are ready for child #2.

Today I had my first ob/gyn thought it was not going to happen get to office and doctor I chose was not at that location today, but they were still able to fit me in, I liked that doctor he was real cool he knew my RE said he met him on a camping trip because my RE was the only one that came in a fully loaded RV with a big screen tv and stero and gaming system, haha that was funny, and he gets a award he gave me the fastest pap smear I have ever had in my life, I hate feeling the scraping I was preparing myself and then he was done, I was like wow, didn't feel a thing, then did a ultrasound, gave him the DVD to record he was like I am really impressed you pay attention most people bring in the wrong type of dvd and then you have to deal with the disappoint, but their ultrasound machine is great, of course all baby showed was butt again looked like he didn't have a head, doc said well we know its fine because it is kicking its legs, can't see heartbeat because of way baby was facing, we heard it, it was fine, then I asked him about does he think I will have natural birth or C-section, he said if you go before 39 weeks then you can do natural or we can induce youm but we do not allow our diabetic patients to go past 39 weeks, Told him do not want to be induced, just give me a c-setion if I have not gone into labor by 39 weeks, don't want to have to have a emergency c-section. Tommorrow the nurse will call me with appointment day and time for NT Scan with MFM specialist, and I go back to ob/gyn in 3 weeks.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How I love the Z

Had my second ultrasound yesterday, I was so nervous I did not sleep good, my sister came with me to the appointment I was waiting for like 30 minutes, usually when I get there I get seen right away, the secretary went in the back to see what was going on, I had visions in my head that the techs were fighting over who would do the ultrasound because they did not want to be the one to give me the bad news. The tech turned the screen away from me, my sister stood up to look, I heard her gasp I got scared she was like I see it, its big, but let me be quiet lets make sure there is a heartbeat still there, the tech turned the screen was like here is your baby measuring right on track, I was like omg it looks big, I see nubs for arms and legs, and can clearly see heartbeat without squinting, we saw one of the nubs move looked like it was waving, the tech and my sister started talking she took like fifty million pictures, both my sister and tech were just oohing and aweing then I felt weird laying there with a wand up my hoo hah with the tech holding it while her and my sister were having a social conversation.

RE wants me back in two weeks and then he said if things are still going well he will kick me out, we will also discuss another ob/gyn since I did not like his first referral and the guy has moved to cumming, not driving that far, he said don't go to North Fulton they have been cited for a number of violations in the OB/GYN department, come to think of it it is hard to find a ob/gyn that does deliver there now especially since northside has opened several new locations in different cites, so it looks like I will probally be at Northside. North Fulton is good for if you are doing a waterbirth and are under a midwifes care, but we will see how long that reputation lasts I have heard rumors of another hospital in atlanta starting to offer water births.

I am so happy that my doctor gave me some Zofran, I love this stuff to be able to eat today, and not throw it back up, it does have a weird side effect it makes you drowsy, but not drowsy where you feel like you want to sleep, I felt sleepy but also up at the same time, had a very hard time concentrating at work today.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


OMG I feel like crap, this weekend has been the worst, yesterday all I ate was a plain burger at lunch time and nothing else at least I was able to keep it down, I took my nephew to a birthday party at the mall they had pizza from sbarro, I wanted some but was scared I would have to run to the bathroom all the sudden, and did not want to have to leave my nephew unattended, this morning I ate a corner of a spinach and chicken quesidilla and could not keep it down, this time around I do feel different from last time I would sometimes have morning sickness when I ate, this time I am just nauseous all the time and have not been able to keep anything down, and if I do keep it down I wish it would come back up, well I hope on Wednesday these feeling start to dwindle down some, according to the women in my due date club they say it does start to get better going into late 8 wks into 9 wks we shall see, otherwise at ultrasound if it goes good I will beg for zofran, the on call doc from first ultrasound told me no when I asked, her approach is old fashioned anyway according to the rumors in the office. So happy that I will be with my regular RE.

Monday, October 12, 2009

First Ultrasound

Had the first ultrasound today, there were two gest sacs, but one was empty, the other one the heartbeat was beating nice and strong, and I could actually see it, and baby looked like a gummy bear, compared to last Pregnancy cycle I could not make out jack on the screen or see heartbeat, and I heard the heartbeat nice and strong last time I could barely hear it. I am measuring at 6wks 2 days they said this does not change due date because there is so much error in measuring the beginning, doc said I could come back and two weeks and we see two heartbeats, or there will be nothing, I am thinking Baby B is not viable because I should of at least seen a yolk sac and fetal pole, but there was nothing in it and it was so much smaller than baby a, I will post pic when I upload it. No wonder the morning sickness kicked in earlier for me, well next ultrsound is on the 27th if I can make it past that I will be happy, I will be exactly 9 wks and feel a little more confindent about this pregnancy.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Beta #3

Well I got beta #3 on Monday it was 5292, after they had me in a panick all day, I am used to getting called by 11:30 am, she did not call me till 2:30 pm, I was beginning to think it was bad news and nurse was scared to call.

Well the morning sickness has kicked in was eating the best steak of my life for a birthday dinner for my brother and 60.00 bucks went down the toilet, I haven't had any sickness in the morning, just at night after dinner, no let me take that back I did barf up my cup of water I drank one morning.

1st ultrasound is on monday and hope to see the hearbeat, maybe I will actually see the heartbeat since I will be hitting two days shy of 7 weeks, last time they told me it was there, I didn't see a thing but a little piece of rice, so maybe it will be a better view I think first time around I went in 6 wks exactly.

Monday, September 28, 2009

BEta #2

Beta #2 is 412 so it is in range with where it is suppose to be, had a little spotting today, it was very faint pink, had this with last BFP cycle also, my insurance company sent me the Mayo Clinics guide to pregnancy and it did say around this time you might see a little spotting as placenta starts to implant itself into the uterus, looks like a good book better than what to expect. Well go back for beta #3 on Monday and if that number is over 2000 then will schedule ultrasound to see heart beat yeah.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beta #1 Result

Got my 1st beta result today it is 90 so there is probally only one in there, it is higher than my first BFP cycle. 2nd beta will be on Monday keep thinking doubling vibes.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Look what I got.....

Well I am sitting at home bored because of all this flooding, going on here, it was hell tryimg to get home yesterday, and my neighborhood is covered in water because we have two lakes, luckly we live up on the hill so house was not flooded, but I was thinking to myself I really do not feel any symptoms this time around, no really tightening in legs, I have been taking naps at work, only had to use the bathroom alot one day, but n-e way I Peed on my only digital and this is what I got:


Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Signs

I had some dark brown spotting today, so I am hoping that is implantation spotting, I was looking for it to be today or tommorrow, I was starting to lose hope because no cramps, and the tight feeling sometimes I feel and other times I don't and my nephew stomped on my toe so I have to limp so did not know if the tight feeling in top of my legs was from having to limp. Went to hospital so I could get one of those shoe boots for foot and all I smelled throughout hospital was onions, and today I am so nauseous, so I hope this spotting is a good sign.

Monday, September 14, 2009

They're In


Transfered four in today, two of them looked awesome according to re and embryo guy and the other two not so good. I now have no more embryos, said they thawed out the rest of the day one embryos and none of them survived the thaw. So they turned to the rest of my blasts one of them did not survive the thaw, so the four remaining were put in me. Beta is scheduled for the 24th it was the 28th but nurse called and said she can make it earlier said 28th was based on if they had to transfer day one embryos, but since we are doing blasts then the 24th is fine, I was like yeah I want to do it earlier, because that means if this works second beta will be on the 28th.

I got my heparin today finally the pharmicist called the nurse to get things squared away, she was really protecting her ass, but I still have to go in tommorrow to get the needles because I need tb needles and they only have insulin, luckly directions nurse gave me were to start tommorrow. So now I am officially in the tww and officially pupo

Friday, September 11, 2009

CVS Drama

I have been trying to get my heparin prescription filled all week, when I first took it in the pharmicist said he would have to order it and it will be in tommorrow. So I went the next day after work to get it had to wait 45 minutes for the new tech guy to stare at the bottle then the lady pharmicist was like she has been waiting to long so she took over and filled it, I asked for needles she said I can't give you needles because script does not state how much I am to take and its not written on script to give me needles. So I call nurse to see how much I am suppose to take and that they would not give me needles, she asked what the concentration was I was like 5000 she said no you are suppose to have a concentration of 20,000 and then you would use .25 twice a day, she was like I am calling the pharmacy, she calls me back says everything is squared away I can go in tommorrow and trade for right prescription and she will give me needles, go in today same new tech guy and they have a pharmacist that works as a floater between stores, the new tech guy knows whats going on but the floater guy won't sign off on it, apparently he told tech guy to tell me to come back on sunday when supervisor is there, and new tech guy is scared so I was sitting there for thirty minutes thinking he was having trouble making the swap in the computer, then pharmicist yells at tech guy you need to tell her instead of having her sit out there. So I guess I will be back on Sunday to see if I can get this filled, if no help then I will just have nurse give me new script and just use the pharmacy in same building as my RE they always have the meds stocked for fertility treatments I should of went their in the first place but its just not conveinant if I need a refill and not seeing RE.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

lining check set

Set up to have lining check on tuesday morning before work, turned in my request to be able to leave work for the transfer for the 14th did not get denied, I was so scared I was because there are already two people off that day, but I guess since I am coming back to work after appointment no biggie. I am hoping lining will be fine it was a 8 on wednesday I think it will be a 12 or 14 by appointment time.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

sonogram today

Had my sonogram today, doc had me worried talking about my lining looked too thick and he was going to give me provera to start a new cycle. Then I reminded him he had me start estrace last week, then he was like oh then your fine lining is coming along fine it is at a 8. Still have to do a lining check next week, but he said I can come during ivf monitioring which is before work and just leave ultrasound with receptionist. All immune testing came back negative. So transfer is still the 14th.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I have a date

Well witch is here, will have saline sonogram on sept 2nd, I start estrace tommorrow and transfer is set for sept 14th, just so ready to get this show on the road.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day one

Well went ahead and took my first shot of lupron, 9 more days and witch should be here, by the time my suppression check comes results of blood clotting test should be in and I will know if taking heparin is because I actually need it or if I am just taking it because it can't hurt.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Follow up Appointment Results

Went in for follow-up appointment, results of D&C came back normal male, doc said this was not good, said if it came back because something was wrong with baby he said that would of been better, said since its normal said then that means it was something wrong with me, said also with my implantation rate which would be 9% said we really have to consider something is wrong with my endometrium, said I should be having a implantation rate of 35-40%. Said after next cycle if not pregnant said I can go ahead and use up my eggs and embryos and hope for a miracle, or get a best friend to carry, or just consider myself done with trying. For this next cycle I will be adding heparin to the mix doc said this is the kitchen sink, said if this does not work then that is all. So I hope this has to work in just getting me a positive would be great at this point, am I feelin sad no because if this cycle is not working and I go in for another consult I believe doc may come up with another plan, he had a med student following him that day and he is usually overly dramatic with outcomes when he is being shadowed, So now just waiting for meds to get here so I can start lupron, thank god no birth control pills.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Warming the engine up again

Well I called yesterday to see about starting birth control pills, and my doc and his nurse were on vacation till next week, so I got some lady that insisted I had to come in for a pre ivf consult said doc won't let me start without one, little does she know I always start without having to come in since I have no cycles, but I figured just as well see if any thing came back from d&c report, lady said she did not see it in my file and it was not in front of her, ok lady I know you cannot tell me the results only the doctor can. So I go in thursday for appointment and will probally start bcp pills that night when I pick up prescription. I was scared to call because I thought I had no more credit and no more insurance to cover a FET, but I talked to the business lady and she was like you insurance rate for a FET is $750, and you have enough for two more tries, and your credit will cover a cash pay if you have to do a third, I was happy to hear that. So next week the start of FET#4 sigh.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back to the Drawing Board

Had the second ultrasound today, there was no heartbeat, I will have the D&C tommorrow and they will test the tissue, once hcg goes back to zero will start bcp, but that is only if insurance will cover again, said they will waive the transfer fee need to see how much that is. I got the ultrasound tech that I do not like she is just so cold, she was doing the ultrasound did not say a thing had a girl in there she was suppose to be training, after she was done taking pictures she says I am sorry but there is no heartbeat but you had to have known that, I was like no I have had no cramping or bleeding so why would I know matter of fact since Sunday I have not kept any food down, and I have just been so fatique, really she said most people have a feeling. Stupid Bitch is what I wanted to say. Then I had to wait fifty million years to talk to doc, when we walked from ultrasound room to doc office everyone that usually speaks said nothing just looked away, thanks for making this better. Doc said since there was no cramping or bleeding then we can rule out hormone absorption problems, and since I was getting morning sickness means I was getting adquete hormones, said looks like it arrested sometime last week because sac looked like 7 weeks not 8 weeks, showed me a second sac on the picture said it looks like might of been twins but it would not of made it, it implanted too late it was too far behind. Cried for like five minutes hoping insurance will cover again, cannot afford another cycle on our own, hubby was laid off last month job got moved to india, got offered another job with company but it was a $20,000 paycut and entry level, I don't think so, he's been on interviews but June is bad time for interviewing its companys first quarter fiscally so budgets have been released and alot of jobs have been frozen or canceled. I guess when I get the clear start excercising to loose all this weight gained from some many cycles and being pregnant.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

This is in honor of my father, a singer, songerwriter and producer June 3rd was his birthday he would of been 67 yrs. old, he was always about family, growing up I did not really appreciate his music, when I thought he was cool was when he performed on one of the late night talk shows with Taylor Dane. I use to love her, I thought he made the big time when he performed with her, little did I know. But her is their performance enjoy:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1st ultrasound

Had the first ultrasound today and yes there was a grain a rice in there with a heartbeat, measuring right on track with my due date. I was so nervous thinking what if nothing is in there, the symptoms I have been having is nauseous, sore bbs, and tired, I had to take a nap yesterday instead of eating lunch I was so tired. We got to hear the heartbeat took a minute to pick up the sound kept fading in and out, said could not measure it yet too soon, then when I went in room to wait for doc he came in and said its about fucking time, and gave me a high five, okay that was interesting and a bold move how do you know my feelings about cussing, well when I use up my vial of PIO I get to use the gel now, I think I cracked the bottle I dropped it when I took it out the box and when I was filling the syringe it was dripping down the syringe, oh well at least I filled the gel prescriptions. Well next ultrasound in two weeks, I was hoping for weekly appointments.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

3rd Beta

Woo hoo third beta came in its 5500, I finally got my first ultrasound scheduled its Wednesday, I am definately taking a sick day that day. I am so excited to be able to actually get a picture and hopefully see a heartbeat. Now I am just going through the thing of finding an OB/GYN the one my re recommended changed his delivery hospital and I do not want to go to that hospital it is not near house and I did not care for him too much, my choices are either North Fulton or Northside the Main Hospital. I emailed four offices to see what kind of response I would get, I asked how they would handle me appointment wise being a ivf patient and diabetic, and also about there u/s equipment do they have 3-d capabilities which to me translates better equipment, one I liked her response as far as saying she would handle me she said to setup a consult appointment with her so we can discuss what I want but no she does not have the latest equipment, the other one said they do have the latest ultrasound equipment and that I would be treated like any other patients with an average of 14 appointments throughout pregnancy. Gee thanks, the third there website already stated they used 3d ultrasound I just wanted to know if they delivered anywhere besides Northside since they also have a office near my house, they only deliver at Northside, but I am interested in two of the docs there because there specialty is high risk, diabetics and pcos, and one of the doctors is younger so he would be more up to date on the newer technologies and not set in his old ways yet, and there website claims you never meet with just a nurse you will always meet with the doctor you picked out, and before any exams start they first will come in and talk before having you take off clothes. They deliver at Northside.

My sister is giving me grief if I choose this doctor because she thinks Northside is just a baby factory, it is its one of the best hospitals in the city to deliver at, she wants me to go to North Fulton and have a waterbirth like her, that does not interest me, it grosses me out thinking about sitting in a tub with blood and tissue floating around in the water, with you, you have to bring one of those nets you use in a fish tank to catch the floating tissue, I don't think so.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

No He didn't

I am so pissed and hurt right now, this will be my first child, and hubby's second child, when me and hubby used to talk about starting a family I told him I wanted him to be excited and enthusiatic with me and I don't won't to hear about different things like oh yeah me and first child mom did that. Well I thought it would be fun this morning to take pics and put it on the website makemebabies.com, they merge your pictures together and give you a potential look at what your future child would look like and its free. He told me he was not wasting his time doing that, when baby mama was first pregnant they had a stand at the mall that did that and he said my daughter looked nothing like that picture so I am not doing it. That hurt my feelings and pissed me off.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

2nd BETA

Got the call about the second beta it is 337 so I am happy about that more than doubled. I have to do a third beta in week, that sucks, I was hoping for first ultrasound to see a fetal pole, a sac, a yolk, something, this means first ultrasound probally won't be until sometime in the first week of June, I guess thats cool since I will be six weeks so hearbeat should be seen. So know I just sit and wait until next thursday.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Of Course I had to POAS 15 DPO

15 dpo


Just got the call Beta #1 is 77, which means I am preggo yeah, doc was like you don't sound very excited, I was like I am but I am under my desk sneaking on cell phone. Estrogen is 520 and progesterone is 22. Go back thursday for second beta, pray for a great doubling time. Number sounds like a singleton hubby will be relieved just sent him a text made sure to tell him number is in range for one.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tommorrow is the day...

Well beta is tommorrow, so far this FET has been different with symptoms usually I get the sore bbs not this time. Yesterday I had the most awful taste in my mouth that I could not get rid of no chewing gum, or brushing teeth or eating helped. And yesterday it was a girls night out for dinner, I did not eat at all my food was just not appeatizing to me, and my sil had this rice with this ginger thing on top of it and it just smelled so horrible to me, then they wanted to bar hop, so walking up and down the streets to the bars, and I was cramping like crazy, and got a shooting pain in my groin area, today I am taking it easy about to watch my netflix, and hope for great news tommorrow.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Ok so I am at work here freaking out, I just went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was dark brown blood. I am hoping this is implantation spotting, I never spot before I have a period, unless its been six months or more since last period and its just spontaneous bleeding because lining is so thick from not have a period for so long. In this case not the problem been having medically induced periods since december. Now my question is does this mean the embies just implanted so it would be two days before I see anything on a hpt, or if I took one now it would show up.

The symptoms I have been having are the usual cramping for two days after transfer, my left side feeling like I pulled a muscle, then since tues if I don't eat within hour after waking up my stomache cramps(I am not a breakfast eater, I usually do not eat until noon which is my lunchtime at work) and I feel like I haven't ate for days. on Wed my sister made a salad for dinner and I thought I was going to barf looking at it, I had to leave. yesterday I was just feeling nauseous, and when her boyfriend got in car after smoking I was dizzy smelling the smoke come off of him.

Friday, May 8, 2009

They are in again for fourth time....

Well they are in 3 blasts again, embryologist said he thawed out six one didn't make it, said all five were really good, these were the three best, perfect lining, perfect uterus as always now will they stick is the question, so far have not been hit with a gastro attack like I usually have an hour after transfer, just the usual little cramping where embryos were put. This Swine flu has me paranoid did not appreacite the fact the ultrasound tech was sneezing and had a runny nose especially since transfer rooms are suppose to be sterilely clean, also someone in back of embryologist lab office was having a an awful sneeze attack, of course I am the guinea pig all the time they are training a new ultrasound tech, and when we were waiting for doc I heard them in the corner how they had to send a ultrasound tech home again for being sick. I wonder why they always put on left side, and not right side. Oh well Beta is on May 18th hoping to sneak in at 7 am so I don't have to miss any work.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Transfer Time

Just got the call with transfer time, it is tommorrow at 9:45 am, yeah get this show on the road.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Had my lining check today, it was a 11 so everything so far is good to go, they will start thawing and growing to blasts on Monday, I felt sad they had there annual breakfast for infertility week, I was like wow I am still here, it will be a year since my ivf and nothing so far, they will call me on wed to let me know how the embryos are doing, if it ends up being a three day I get a call on tues., so lets see how this goes still so far no nauseous, dizziness, or throwing up this time, last FET cycle was just real hard on me for some reason.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Upcoming appointments

lining check on thursday, I have to say so far so good, no nauseus or dizziness, maybe it was the bcp that did that or the fact that I am taking my metformin again and correctly. I spoke too soon about my endo doc she called in saying she wants me to take a hemoglobin a1c test, I will do that thursday morning before lining check since office is down street from re, and have appointment with the results of that may 5th, just hoping no insulin yet.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I have dates for the 4th time

The witch showed up, I am to start estrace on april 19th, go in for suppression check on april 30th and if all is well tranfer on May 8th, which puts beta either may 18th or 19th. My endo never called me back which means the metformin is enough to control my blood sugar. So far so good on the metformin no met tummy, I am suppose to up my dose tommorrow and take one in morning and one at night, but I think I am going to wait till weekend to up it, in case I get met tummy don't want to have it at work. This time around I am not taking it on empty stomache I eat first and then I take it.

My coworker had her first ultrasound monday identical twins 2 in one sac, she could possibly have a etopic pregnancy. She was complaining of sharp pains I told her to go see doc to make sure it hasn't grown in tube, well she saw the two heartbeats today, the etopic has not grown anymore so doc is not sure if it is etopic or not, she goes back friday if it is growing they should be able to see something on friday and she will have surgery to remove it, should not effect the twins, I am so happy for her, and hope she does not have a etopic pregnancy and hopefully its just some debris stuck in tube or it will reabsorb back into body.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Endo scratch

Had the endo scratch today, it was not what I had expected, I thought it was going to be bloody, it wasn't, it felt like when you have sex and cervix is low and cervix is tender, it took all of two minutes, no antibiotics, no restriction on sex, things continue as is, so now just wait for witch and do transfer.

I also found a endocriologist I like, my blood sugar was high she said it is in diabetic range, had to do a 3 hour gtt, my day was spent in the doctors office, so I am now back on metformin she will call me on friday with gtt results, she said going ahead with transfer is fine, by the time I have it, the metformin will be in system, she said that if it works, that she will have me in for weekly testing, because I will defintely need insulin when pregnant,

My coworker that did ivf with another doc at the clinic just had beta on friday it was 383 and her second beta it was 1479, I am happy for her, sounds like twins her ultrasound is next week.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Had my saline sonogram today uneventful, everything was fine, now just wait for april 3rd to start lupron and have D&C, I forgot to ask how long is the healing time after a D&C.

Monday, March 16, 2009

wth appointment

well had my follow up today, he does not suggest doing immune testing or clotting disorder or a biopsy, he said with immune testing and blood clotting tests, yes you will find a positive test because there are over 30 tests to run everyone has some kind of disorder, he said with a biopsy there is nothing it will tell that we already don't know, that I do have a luteal phase defiency because I do not have cycles or ovulate on my own, The plan that we are going to do is take a Z-Pack and Flagy antibiotics for 10 days, and do a D+C or endometrial scratching as he calls it, he said if there is anything like a high bacterial count the antibiotics will take care of it, and then the D+C will allow me to grow a new uterine lining, because we are damaging the one I have now, he says if this doesn't work then it is a problem with the embryos, which I know then the next thing will be pgd testing, well that is actually still up in the air, because he has not sat down with the embryologist to discuss in detail if he noticed anything from the lab photos, but he said with the brief conversation he did have with him embryologist said they were perfectly fine, he has a meeting with him on wed said if there any changes he will call me. On Monday I have a saline sonogram, that is standard because we ae going into another year of treatment, on april 7th is the D+C, and on april 3rd I start lupron and end of april beginning of may will be transfer. This time he will take day one embryos and grow them to blasts. I hope this one works because this is last one insurance will cover, and then we are out of pocket, so who knows when we would be able to do it again, don't feel like wrapping my head around that one yet.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Am I Grasping at Straws?

I have been researching immune testing and had found a website that listed all the immune testing categories and symptoms as why this test would be done, under Natural Killer cells, and uterine lining issues, alot of the symptoms matched up:

3 or more failed ivf/fet transfers and embryos of good quality
irritable bowel syndrome after transfer- an hour after transfer it was like a bomb exploded and I had not ate anything yet
flu like symptoms - after transfer I felt like I had the flu, article states this is a reaction from the hcg in the embryos.
flare up of cold sores - I always have flare ups thats why I keep abreva in my purse and I had a flare a few days after transfer
randomly breaking out in a rash or hives - this always happens to me on my arms
high insulin/Pcos - yep thats me

or it could be a blood clotting disorder many pcos patients have this when the uterine lining clots, so implantation is impossible, I know when I cycle I have like a dry cycle where I am just passing blood clots and no blood flow with it.

If something is wrong and I had a choice I would rather it be the blood clotting disorder because insurance covers the meds, for natural killer cells you have to do ivig for 3 days for 3 months it costs $10,000 and most insurance does not cover for natural killer cells, I can understand why because Natural Killer cells is not necessarilty a bad thing it helps protect you against cancer your body is able to fight it off, the downside for me is that my body thinks my embryos are cancer and the natural killer cells attack them.

So I do not know maybe I am reaching, I just wish I could get the testing done and find out in the same day. Oh the waiting thats what I hate about infertility testing the waiting, the immune testing I can get done right away I am hoping insurance covers I will probally get it done same time as biopsy if insurance covers, the biopsy I have to wait for cycle to end in order for me to do it. I have my follow up with doc on monday, at least it will be cd3 so i can get that done need that so insurance will cover my next FET, and schedule my biopsy.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sorry Charlie

Well got the call beta is negative again, will go in next week for the what the hell happened consult, I do know I want a biopsy to make sure no implantation issues, he was talking about another lap, umm no there was nothing at the first one. He also said testing for clotting disorders, and autoimmune testing. I also will call an endocrinologist and have another glucose tolerance test, need to have one I have been slacking in the metformin department. Just am so tired and drained right now he took all day to call usually I have a call by noon. He did not call me till 3:40 pm, just alot of tension in my back because everyone has been calling to see if I had results yet, and it made me jump everytime the phone rang. Back to the drawing board

Friday, February 27, 2009

They're In

Well here they are:


We transfered 3 blasts back, embryoloigist said they were good quality, I was trying to ask questions but he was too busy in my little sisters face, I brought her along so she could understand the transfer process she always thinks its major surgery, and she is the pretty and charming one. I don't think the doctor came and talked to me he was too busy standing in the corner flirting with her, even the embryologist stayed in the room when they did my transfer, he has never done that he always shows you the pic tells you if they are good or bad ask how many you want to transfer, and then leaves the room. Even the nurse like my sister, but that is just her personality. They were like we hope we get to see you again I looked at them like they were crazy, and then nurse tried to clean it up I mean with another patient. Well beta is march 9th, I can feel where he put the embryos on my left side, it is sore right there.

I am having medicine drama now, I knew I needed more estrace because he upped my dose, so I called the mail order and ordered another refill today they do not ship on weekends so it would be shipped out on monday and I get it Tuesday, then when I got home I was like let me count the pills, I only had enough left for today and half for tommorrow, since he has upped my dose. So I call my local pharmacy to see if they had estrace she said yes, called mailorder back they canceled the order and told me to go to pharmicist and have them call so they can transfer, so they transfered and filled it, and I was paying half attention to the lady because I was on cell phone, she was like we were able to give you thirty days, I get home and realize she only gave me thirty pills, so that will last me through wednesday, so I will have to cal doc on monday and have them call mail order for another prescrip because that was last refill, if I had paid attention then I would of told them to give me the 120 and just paid out of pocket, I cant be mad at the lady because I was not paying attention .

Sunday, February 22, 2009

She's a 8

Lining check this morning and it was a 8.2, so transfer is not cancelled the nurses called this afternoon to confirm. The only thing that sucks is I have to stay on the high dose of estrogen until beta, the high dose makes me nauseous. So tonite pio shots start, yeah thats fun.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A hiccup

had my lining check on thursday, my lining was a 6.2, doc was talking about pushing back transfer date, I was like nooo I already got a vacation day for Friday, so he upped my estrogen dose and said come back sunday morning if lining is a 6.8 or 7 then we can proceed. So I hope tommorrow my lining is fine. I can get my vacation day changed with no problem but just so ready to get this show on the road. Just surprised lining was thin never had this problem before, I think its because this time he had me do a double dose of lupron for suppression. He said other thin it being thin everything else was textbook perfect it tripled striped, I did not have a single follie, on the ultrasound which I guess is good for a pcoser. I just hope this is the only hiccup. If this one does not work I am asking for a uterine biopsy to make sure no problems with implantation. Lets hope for the best tommorow.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I have dates again

Well I started spotting yesterday, so I just called the re and told them it was day one because I knew saturday witch would be here full on and did not want to wait till monday to call, so of course witch is here today and I start estrace tommorrow. Will have lining check on 2/19 and transfer 2/27.

Friday, January 9, 2009


I finally got the ok to start bcp which I will start tommorrow and waiting for my mailorder pharmacy to call me with shipping confirmation for my lupron, estrace, and pio meds.

Friday, January 2, 2009

getting back on the wagon

Well its the new year time to get back on the infertility wagon, I will call on monday to see about starting bcp and getting my meds, just not looking forward to the side effects, and emotional feelings you go through.