Thursday, March 27, 2008

We Finally Made it!!!!

Well we finally made it to our ivf consult, the doctor just went over the risks and positives of ivf, we agreed that we did want to proceed so since we got most of diagnostic out the way we needed aids, and std bloodwork done since feb was 12 months since we last had it done. Thank god the doctor got my husband to do it today otherwise I would of been battling with him to get it done. I need to get a pap from a ob/gyn I got a referral from him so if I do end up with a bfp this will also be my baby doctor, I need to call and schedule an injects class, then from what date is available the doc wants me to do the depolupron shot which lasts for 28 days, so I won't have to do lupron shots for 28 days, then suppression check if all is good then gonal-f or follisitim I think he said 300 iu twice a day then lupron shots, the stimulation drugs he did not care whichever one insurance will cover, he also did a the vaginial sounding test aka mock transfer today. But of course there is a dilemia in all this, I am up for another position in another department start the interview process tommorrow, this is a mon -fri schedule, from 8 am to 4;30 pm, if I do get it I would be starting midapril and I would need to put in for fmla, I am hoping there is no official training class and you learn by sitting with someone, but if there is an official training class then I will postpone until june. Tommorrow I will be spending my time on the phone making appointments, talking to insurance and prescription carriers to get preauthorization. So at this point the two obstacles would be if I get the position and there is a training class or for some reason my insurance acts like a butthead