Monday, May 26, 2008

the witch is here again hopefully she will be here only a week, I got my bill for what I owe for ivf its 2995.00 that 1,995 more than what I thought I would have to pay, I will call them tommorrow to make payment. I wish june 6th would get here already, I am anixous to get this party on the road.

Monday, May 12, 2008


The sonogram went well he said it looks like a regular cycle and that with the depot shot it should finally stop this madness. I got my calendar with dates:
June 6th Suppression check
June 8th - 18th Stims and lupron
June 19th egg retrieval

I am excited I can't wait for june to get here, the med he wants me to take is provera he said so I won't have any spotting while on this depot shot. Now just have to get fmla and all will be good.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Finally got my appointment on monday to do sonogram and if no polyp will do the lupron depot shot I am excited to get this process rolling and I will get my ivf calendar with actual dates, the doc wants me to take another medication while on the depot lupron shot don't know what it is, the nurse said she will call on sunday to go over it. So my phone will be attached to my hip tommorrow so I can catch the call.

Monday, May 5, 2008

I confirmed shipment and paid for my meds they were 130.00 I was happy when I heard that price, I am mad my sister forgot to bring the needles and tubs home in order to draw my blood I was more upset at the fact I was about to turn down the street to her neighborhood and she lives in a very high traffic area so it took me an hour to get home, with no traffic it is a 20 minute drive. The bad news is that I have to have a ultrasound tommorrow because witch has been here for three weeks and doc wants to make sure I do not have a polyp. I don't feel that it is a polyp I thinks its just because I did not have cycle since I took my last dose of clomid and the was two months ago and I had a very thick lining at the time. Same thing happened to me in college when I was given low dose bcp because I did not like the high dose and for three months did not have a cycle because dose was too low and then had annual friend for two months until I went to hospital and they gave me provera to stop it. I am hoping that with the ultrasound I won't have to do the blood work because she will be able to see I am not pregnant or about to ovulate on the ultrasound, and maybe I can convience boss to let me leave early on wed to get the shot so I will what tommorrow brings.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

well I call my rx carrier yesterday, they will fedex meds on mon and I should have them tues by 12 noon, they still have not told me how much it costs, the lady I talked to says she just puts order in and someone will call monday for payment and to confirm shipment, I calculated based on the copay info I got when I called for preauthorization so far it is at $215.00, This is not including the lupron depot still don't know if they will cover or not, and also don't know if they charge for needles and syringes, alcohol pads and sharps containers, I know most places throw these in for free, but don't know about them, she asked me if I needed them I said yes. I hope this place is organized then I got a second call from the same lady later in the evening saying she is calling to confirm that the prescription order my doc faxed in and asked the same questions and said someone will call on monday for payment and confirmation, I hope they are not processing twice, I will have a hard time concetrating at work hoping that I catch there call, they are on cst so they open 10 am my time and I know for fedex it has to be sent out for shipment by 2pm for next day. When I get off work monday I am going to my sister so she can take my blood for the prog, estradiol, hcg test she works for the lab my doc uses so she will take it to work with her on tues. so my doc should have results thurs. then I will schedule my shot with nurse on sunday to start supression, I was hoping to ask if my sister could give it to me on thurs but afer reading literature it says lupron depot can only be given under supervision of physician or nurse, then I wait 23 days and do suppression check and start stims. on next sun nurse said she will give me calender with dates so I can talk to boss at work to see if she will give me time off or will I have to go the fmla route, then I will need to tell talk to say I need at least 3 days off work in order for them to approve, I wouldn't mind having five days off afer er since I will be on pins and needles waiting for embryo report, I hope I can make it for a 5 day transfer that is usually a good sign of strong embryos. This is going to be a long month.