Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Are they in there?

Well I went for my ultrasound yesterday, good thing is that the string of pearls that is usually seen with pcos women was not there anymore. Bad thing I had two fibroids, but they are real small so nothing to worry about. The nurse practioner does not thing I ovulated because you cannot see on the uterus where there was a collapsed shell, but she said she really can't go off that maybe it already disappeared, so I have to go in for a midcycle ultrasound to see if I have follicle growing and if I do she will teach me how to do a trigger and if my bloodwork looks like I am not going to release the egg then I will trigger. If it looks like I am not developing any follices then we just wait for witch and I guess injects will be next. So we shall see I thought clomid was working I felt ovulation pain, my opks worked like a medical textbook, but that is the thing with pcos we gear up to O but then nothing happens, but if I didn't O then the follicle should be seen hopefully I did O and the collapsed shell already went away, so we shall see next week what the ultrasound brings