Monday, July 7, 2008

Results of Beta

Well on July 3rd, I woke up at 5 am and poas and it was neg., so at work I am waiting for results they said they would call between 1 pm and 5 pm. It was 12pm so I took a restroom break came back and it was a missed call from re office, I could not call them back they were closed for lunch and phones would not be turned back on until 1pm. I listened to my message and it was the doctor himself so I knew it was negative, my stomache just dropped and I felt like I was going to throw up, I sent my hubby a instant message and told him to call doctor for me since if I talked to him I would probally started crying and did not want coworkers in my business, they think I had surgery to remove some cysts. So hubby talked to him my beta was a 28, when I got home I grilled hubby what doc said because I thought anything over a 20 was good, I called my sister she is a lab manager and she looked up the results in there lab database and she called a re and they did say they want something over a 50 to be a strong beta for my dpo. My hubby and I argued last night because doc told him he wants me to do a Frozen egg transfer right away, I told hubby I have to wait for sept or oct, because first I want to give my body a chance to recover ovaries still feel weird sometimes and second during the end of the ivf process my boss was giving me grief because I was coming into work late, and missing days, we have two people on medical leave and then of course people that have scheduled vacations, and then our work load has doubled sign that economy is doing bad, I close customers accounts at the bank when they try to defraud us, alot of people depositing bad checks or fake deposits at the atm in order to try to avoid overdraft fees being taken out of their direct deposits. I am hoping by sept or oct she will have the four people hired that she was approved to do so, I am tired of leaving work 6:30 pm to 8 pm every night because all work in reports must be done, only good thing about this at least she did get approval for us to have overtime, because before our pay grade we were not allowed overtime. I need to be able to get off to go to the consult appointment then for FET process I will do medical leave so I don't have to hear boss's mouth. So I am hoping in August I can take a vacation for a week during anniversary and will make consult appointment for then and probally start in sept. hey at least if the FET works I will have the whole summer for maternity leave they announced for 2009 that maternity leave is now three months instead of two and I will probally take an additionally 2 month personal leave.