Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Vote Was Stolen!!!

I went to vote today, and was told I couldn't vote because I am shown in system I voted by absentee vote, the polling manager said I had to vote provisionally, I did not receive absentee ballot, but two poll workers said she could call the office and they can confirm I did not mail in ballot and they give her a code to override, I asked her to call and verify info, she said the lines were busy and forced me to vote provisionally, I was upset and crying, I called election protection the lawyer called me back at 3:30 pm and told me that they were suppose to give me a aafidavit to sign if I can make it back to the polling place demand I vote by computer, I got off work at 6pm and made it from college park to roswell in 45 minutes, with 10 min before polls closed I went in and told them they told me wrong info and I want to vote by computer, the polling manager admitted she was wrong they did not get correct info till afternoon, she said because I voted proviosnally I could not vote by computer, I advised I was told different she called regional poling manager, had to wait for her to get there, she tried to pull my ballot from bag but it was locked up, she took card I filled ou,t the bar code from the top of provisional ballot and my aafidavit I signed and put it in her purse and said she will personally put my vote through, I called election protection back because I know that is against law for her to take voter info with her. SO my vote was stolen.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beta is in

and it is a bfn, said it was zero, will try again in january, no more vacation or sick time, and I have two court dates I am going to have to miss work for so just did not want compile more missed worked with that, especially since we are hitting are busy season, but january I will be calling and probally transfer in feb. 2009

Saturday, October 11, 2008

They're in

Well yesterday I had my transfer, I transfered in 3, all four made the thaw, but embryologist recommended doing the three said one of them to him did not look that great it had only started to divide right before transfer, I should of just went ahead and did all four but no dwelling on it now. Everyone keeps asking are they day 3 or day 5 embryos and honestly I do not know what to call them, they froze some once fertilization was confirmed and that is what was used first so I would say they are day 2 embryos but for purposes for my chart on ff I am saying day 3 embryos, last night I had to get up six times to pee and not tinkle I mean really pee. I had to drink so much water for some reason my bladder would not fill up yesterday so the doc which is not my usual re said she just did what they did back when ivf first started put catheter all the way in till she felt it reach top of uterus and then pull back and release, I think she should of gave me a choice in the matter, if I wanted to go back out to waiting room and wait some more or let her do it the old way, she just did it the old way and then told me she could not see anything on the ultrasound so that is why she did it. I did not like her too much anyway. Hard to find a doctor that is good and also has a great bedside manner. Now we wait for beta on oct 22nd.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Lining Check

Had my lining check today it is 7.9 triple strip, transfer will be oct. 10th and will transfer four if all four make the freeze, now I just wait for thursday for the time to come in on friday. Tuesday the dreaded pio shots start.

Monday, September 22, 2008

we have dates

finally we have dates set, the nurse called me and asked did I have the paper with med dosages for what days, I said no she said you can call me tommorrow and so you can fill in the dates, I was like no we can do the dates and I can put them on the paper when I get home, if I waited to discuss start time tommorrow I would not of been starting till saturday so thaw and transfer would not fall on a weekend. so estrogen starts tommorrow, lining check on the 3rd and transfer on the 10th, the nurse was like you sure you understand everything you are not asking any questions, what questions am I suppose to ask you just follow the instructions from paper, I know I have to look at paper everyday because estrogen dosage changes, she kept asking was I sure, I was like yeah, this is his new nurse so she does not know me the other nurses know I am laid back and if I have questions I will ask or pop up on the weekend with any questions.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

She's Here

Witch finally came today, I called doc and they said call on monday and they will tell me which day to start estrogen, which I am guessing will be tues because that will allow tranfer to happen on friday the 10th, since they do not thaw or transfer on weekends.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I can start

Got the go ahead to start the bcp will be doing three weeks, on the third week will start lupron, she is mailing the rest of my schedule so I should have it by thursday. Happy to start getting this show on the road.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

freakin trick

was waiting for phone call tommorrow to tell me to start bcp and then the trick wants to show up on her own, and with the worst freaking cramps I have ever had, it was uncomfortable to sit, thank god a coworker had some tylenol, I am hoping now that he will just tell me to start bcp next week and take them for three weeks instead of two

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FET #1 is on the way

Went for the consult basically its a 3400 deposit, we have a credit of 1396.00 after ivf, mom has agreed to gives us the money as a anniversary present yeah, just waiting for them to call me back they took blood for progesterone to make sure I did not ovulate or I am about to ovulate yeah right, and also a beta to make sure I am not pregnant, if all is clear then I will take bcp for two weeks and start lupron on the second week of bcp and then once auntie is here call them for suppression check, if all is well will then start estrace the pills, thank god did not want to do patches because I like wearing lotion, and go in for a endometrial check anywhere from day 10 to day 13 if all is well transfer is day 18. They said they usually start with day one fertilization embryos said will probally thaw out four if all four make it all four will be put back in me. I am just happy no stimming meds

Saturday, August 16, 2008

yeah the 20th is coming and will find out if we are doing a FET, right now what would stop us is the cost since we are out of pocket, I am so hoping that my credit is enough to cover this cycle. If we can't afford it don't know when we would be able to do a FET cycle because if its after oct 31st that means going through the hsg again, but I am hoping the saline sono I had in July would count as testing so then its just coming up with money for a FET I might ask my mom to pay for it since the 20th is our anniversary, give that to us as a present. I was going to ask for a pc laptop since there are certifications and classes both hubby and I want to take and you can't use a mac.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Countdown begins

yeah august is finally here, now just twenty more days, and I get consult and see what the plan is do I have to do lupron for a month or will he just start me? What will he do to help my lining become the right environment I hope no injects. Then last question is this going to cost a arm and a leg. I hope the month goes by fast.

This has been the worst summer my job can never get off on time, get off like 2 hours late, and now she wants us to come in tommorrow(Saturday) because we are a day behind in work, and its the first of the month so people will be depositing lots of fake deposits so they won't be charged overdraft fees and they can get pay there rent, I wish the government would make it mandatory for all companies to give a pay increase to go with inflation of everything, when the economy goes up these peoples accounts that we have to closed and reported to the chex system will be in a bind, no checking accounts at any bank for five years so monday will be a very big workload, and she wants us to catch up. I don't have to go in, but the pressure of being a good teamplayer, when asked I told them I would be there at 9am, most of the team is coming in at 6 am they can have that one. I have to wait a year before I can post for another position, there was this job that I wanted so bad its running the dialer and strategys for the collections department, my husband posted for it, I told him not to do it he got another position in march and they want you to be in position for year before posting for another one, he got the interview which is good they had 500 resumes, the hiring manager told him the only reason he would not get position is because he hasn't even been in current one for six months and what he does now sounds exciting and he does not understand why he wants to leave, and he is concerned that he would want to leave the dialer position soon too, he monitors brinks, and loomis trucks that replenish the atm machines, he makes sure the money balances in the atm machines, and the banks vaults if it does not he has to find out did the agent steal the money, or put the wrong bills in, or entered something in wrong.

Then hubby baby mama called saying that stepdaughters hair looks like it fell out, and she was mad, when she left us she had all her hair, but if it did fall out I think because of shampoo my mom was using this natural shampoo for curly hair, my sister in law has the same type of hair curly and fine, and she used shampoo too and her hair fell out too, she cut it down and it has grown back since, I think shampoo wasn't strong enough to break down the chlorine in stepdaughters hair, I couldn't do her hair because first I don't do hair I don't even like doing mine, and second I was getting home so late no time for me to do hair, I did not want to take her to salons because they would want to blow dry hair and if the dryer is too hot it can change texture happened to me that is why I just went ahead and relaxed my hair it was either cut it down again, or they braid too tight and hair fall out, I guess it didn't matter, my mom can basically do anything do her hair if she wants it straight she just brushes it straight and its straight, if she wants curls she just washes and braids at night wakes up takes it out and she has beautiful curly hair, its long almost mid back, and she always trys to get people to do the same thing. I guess next summer I will just take stepdaughter to hubbys sister she has same type of hair and her daughter does too, don't know what I am going to do if I have a daughter with the same type of hair I am hoping she will have a courser texture like my mom

Monday, July 7, 2008

Results of Beta

Well on July 3rd, I woke up at 5 am and poas and it was neg., so at work I am waiting for results they said they would call between 1 pm and 5 pm. It was 12pm so I took a restroom break came back and it was a missed call from re office, I could not call them back they were closed for lunch and phones would not be turned back on until 1pm. I listened to my message and it was the doctor himself so I knew it was negative, my stomache just dropped and I felt like I was going to throw up, I sent my hubby a instant message and told him to call doctor for me since if I talked to him I would probally started crying and did not want coworkers in my business, they think I had surgery to remove some cysts. So hubby talked to him my beta was a 28, when I got home I grilled hubby what doc said because I thought anything over a 20 was good, I called my sister she is a lab manager and she looked up the results in there lab database and she called a re and they did say they want something over a 50 to be a strong beta for my dpo. My hubby and I argued last night because doc told him he wants me to do a Frozen egg transfer right away, I told hubby I have to wait for sept or oct, because first I want to give my body a chance to recover ovaries still feel weird sometimes and second during the end of the ivf process my boss was giving me grief because I was coming into work late, and missing days, we have two people on medical leave and then of course people that have scheduled vacations, and then our work load has doubled sign that economy is doing bad, I close customers accounts at the bank when they try to defraud us, alot of people depositing bad checks or fake deposits at the atm in order to try to avoid overdraft fees being taken out of their direct deposits. I am hoping by sept or oct she will have the four people hired that she was approved to do so, I am tired of leaving work 6:30 pm to 8 pm every night because all work in reports must be done, only good thing about this at least she did get approval for us to have overtime, because before our pay grade we were not allowed overtime. I need to be able to get off to go to the consult appointment then for FET process I will do medical leave so I don't have to hear boss's mouth. So I am hoping in August I can take a vacation for a week during anniversary and will make consult appointment for then and probally start in sept. hey at least if the FET works I will have the whole summer for maternity leave they announced for 2009 that maternity leave is now three months instead of two and I will probally take an additionally 2 month personal leave.

Monday, June 30, 2008

3 days till beta

I hope the rest of the week hurries up, this seems like the longest wait of my life, and I am not testing before hand I want to wait for the phone call, if it says positive then the next day I will poas just to have for the pregnancy scrapbook. I just sit here going back and forth in my mind I am pregnant or no I am not pregnant, I didn't really feel any symptoms today, so I am not, or that is a sign I am. One symptom I am having that I have not experienced is the frequent urination I go like every hour, I do not even get a good nights sleep, and my back does let me know when I am standing or sitting too long, but rest of symptoms nausea, sore bbs, weird smells that can also be attributed the prog. shot. So don't know I hope I find out by 1 or 2 pm its going to depend on the nurse working that day, one nurse she calls you as soon as she gets the results of any test, the other nurse is by the book so that would mean not finding out till like 5pm when I am sitting in traffic.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

So far my symptoms have been tired, I took a nap at work during my lunch, everything smells funny, don't know if its pregnancy symptoms, or prog. symptoms.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Had my transfer today, they were 2 perfect blasts, I now have 18 snowbabies, 7 they are watching one more day then they will freeze, and then 21 frozen eggs. My Beta is scheduled for July 3rd, and now hubby is freaking out no turning back now, he kept asking me did the doctor say of any side effects to watch out for that something is wrong, do you think this is going to work over and over. I am now really in the two week wait period and scientifically pregnant until proven otherwise.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Got the call today and they have changed the transfer to a 5 day transfer so I am assuming eggs are doing well, I have not asked any questions, if all of them are doing great or is it some of them that are doing well, I guess I will see on tues, I do not want to be stressed thinking every hour on the are they doing good, I am going to live in my ignorant bliss right now and assume that all are good strong quality cells and they are dividing beautiful and will make it to the blastocytes stage, who would of known that chapter on cells in high school and college would of actually been put to use.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

transfer appointment set

Nurse called this morning said everything is doing fine said that its protocol that they setup appointment for 3 day transfer said they will not make decision for 5 day until day 3. So tommorrow transfer is set for 12 noon, if they decide to do a day 5 they will call me by 9am tommorrow to inform me, before I drink all of that water.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fertilization report #1

The nurse called this morning with fert report, she said they froze 21 eggs yesterday and then did 12 the conventional way what I like to call the test tube baby, and 8 are now embryos, and the rest was done by icsi and 19 of those are now embryos, out of the 27 fertilized they froze 14 embryos, since it was morning I am going to assume they were in the process of freezing those so I will know more in the morning. Just waiting for call in morning to see if we are doing a day 3 or day 5 transfer

Tonight we did our first pio shot the drama of it, I think me and hubby sat and discussed for 30 minutes, then I had him watch it several times on youtube, then I'm sitting there with half a butt cheek hanging out while he looking at my cheek pointing out is that where I am suppose to shot it, no that is my back, is that it no that is the side of my stomache, then my sister comes over she watches the you tube video, takes a needle and practices in a pillow, then she said she is going to do it, I am freaking out because that needle is so big, but in the end she did it perfectly I didn't even feel the needle go in, and now hubby is talking about I will do it tommorrow, I don't know since sister did it perfect I don't know.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Egg retrieval

Had er today we got 55 eggs, the doc did not want to fertilize all the eggs so he said they will freeze most of the eggs, we had to sign more consent forms hope that does not mean another bill for freezing already paid to freeze embryos. Not really any pain just feel empty you can tell ovaries are still a bit swollen it just feels weird, no follicles, the only pain I felt was when hubby was hitting the speed bumps, I came home ate took a really long nap, woke up took a percocet and my steriods and antibiotic. I am happy about the procedure I had a dream last night that I was in operating room and doc said I already ovulated. So now just waiting for the fert report tommorrow, was suppose to go to work tommorrow but I wll call in won't be able to concentrate no matter what the results are tommorrow.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I got my finger on the trigger...

Yeah I got the go ahead to trigger tonight, yesterdays egg count was 52 and e2 1890, today's count was 59 and e2 3011, so doc did not want to push me, had my preop with him today said he expects 30 or more eggs, said he will probably just take half of them and freeze right away and fertilize the rest, then the next hurdle will be making sure they are of good quality. I feel like a chicken that is sitting on eggs, when I walk I am hunched over, sometimes I get sharp pains, but when I down my water I feel better. The doc said he is not worried about OHSS because all my follies are big, he said OHSS usually happens when woman have a lot of small follicles, which means the follicle is mostly fluid, so after retrieval the fluid leaks in the body. I am also happy because my doc is on call this month for egg retrievals and egg transfers, the docs in his practice rotate each month who is responsible for er and et so I am happy that this is my docs month.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I am now day seven into stimming, my e2 results on friday was 405, my e2 today was 756, my ultrasound showed 19 follicles 10 on the right and 9 on the left, biggest one on both sides a 12 and smallest was 10 but they are mostly 11. She said I also had alot of smaller ones too, the ultrasound shows that my right and left ovary are almost touching because of the follicles, she said I think I am bloated now, she said by er I will be very uncomfortable, I believe her I went shopping with my sister today and all the sudden my lower back just felt so heavy and then I was mad I was stuck in her little car where the sit would not lean back, I was so uncomfortable.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

3rd day of stimming

Its day 3, and I now have the following symptoms bloated stomache, big boobs they just got bigger this afternoon, and still uncomfortable lower back, oh and I just feel so fatiqued, I wish I could go to bed right now but I am watching my nephew for my sister while she is at a Stevie Nicks concert, I wanted to go but I am just so tired and besides I promised myself no drinking don't want to kick myself later ...

Monday, June 9, 2008

stimming 2nd day

Well this is my second day of stimming, yesterday when I took my first shot in the morning, later in the afternoon my ovaries started to feel weird it is hard to describe they did not hurt. just a weird feeling expecially for me because I never feel anything from my ovaries, but another member in my buddy group on ff posted she felt the shot working to, so maybe it was not just wishful thinking, taking the shot is not hard, I was not scared about that part, the part I am scared of is taking the pio shot since there is the chance of hitting a nerve, that is what scares me. So in thirty minutes I will have day two down and 10 more days to go.

Friday, June 6, 2008

suppression check

well I finally had my suppression check, and everything is good can start sunday with lupron and follistim, doc says he is expecting me to be a good responder, lets hope so. lets hope the next two weeks go by fast, I can't wait to see how I will respond and how many eggs we get, i hope that they are good quality eggs.

Monday, May 26, 2008

the witch is here again hopefully she will be here only a week, I got my bill for what I owe for ivf its 2995.00 that 1,995 more than what I thought I would have to pay, I will call them tommorrow to make payment. I wish june 6th would get here already, I am anixous to get this party on the road.

Monday, May 12, 2008


The sonogram went well he said it looks like a regular cycle and that with the depot shot it should finally stop this madness. I got my calendar with dates:
June 6th Suppression check
June 8th - 18th Stims and lupron
June 19th egg retrieval

I am excited I can't wait for june to get here, the med he wants me to take is provera he said so I won't have any spotting while on this depot shot. Now just have to get fmla and all will be good.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Finally got my appointment on monday to do sonogram and if no polyp will do the lupron depot shot I am excited to get this process rolling and I will get my ivf calendar with actual dates, the doc wants me to take another medication while on the depot lupron shot don't know what it is, the nurse said she will call on sunday to go over it. So my phone will be attached to my hip tommorrow so I can catch the call.

Monday, May 5, 2008

I confirmed shipment and paid for my meds they were 130.00 I was happy when I heard that price, I am mad my sister forgot to bring the needles and tubs home in order to draw my blood I was more upset at the fact I was about to turn down the street to her neighborhood and she lives in a very high traffic area so it took me an hour to get home, with no traffic it is a 20 minute drive. The bad news is that I have to have a ultrasound tommorrow because witch has been here for three weeks and doc wants to make sure I do not have a polyp. I don't feel that it is a polyp I thinks its just because I did not have cycle since I took my last dose of clomid and the was two months ago and I had a very thick lining at the time. Same thing happened to me in college when I was given low dose bcp because I did not like the high dose and for three months did not have a cycle because dose was too low and then had annual friend for two months until I went to hospital and they gave me provera to stop it. I am hoping that with the ultrasound I won't have to do the blood work because she will be able to see I am not pregnant or about to ovulate on the ultrasound, and maybe I can convience boss to let me leave early on wed to get the shot so I will what tommorrow brings.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

well I call my rx carrier yesterday, they will fedex meds on mon and I should have them tues by 12 noon, they still have not told me how much it costs, the lady I talked to says she just puts order in and someone will call monday for payment and to confirm shipment, I calculated based on the copay info I got when I called for preauthorization so far it is at $215.00, This is not including the lupron depot still don't know if they will cover or not, and also don't know if they charge for needles and syringes, alcohol pads and sharps containers, I know most places throw these in for free, but don't know about them, she asked me if I needed them I said yes. I hope this place is organized then I got a second call from the same lady later in the evening saying she is calling to confirm that the prescription order my doc faxed in and asked the same questions and said someone will call on monday for payment and confirmation, I hope they are not processing twice, I will have a hard time concetrating at work hoping that I catch there call, they are on cst so they open 10 am my time and I know for fedex it has to be sent out for shipment by 2pm for next day. When I get off work monday I am going to my sister so she can take my blood for the prog, estradiol, hcg test she works for the lab my doc uses so she will take it to work with her on tues. so my doc should have results thurs. then I will schedule my shot with nurse on sunday to start supression, I was hoping to ask if my sister could give it to me on thurs but afer reading literature it says lupron depot can only be given under supervision of physician or nurse, then I wait 23 days and do suppression check and start stims. on next sun nurse said she will give me calender with dates so I can talk to boss at work to see if she will give me time off or will I have to go the fmla route, then I will need to tell talk to say I need at least 3 days off work in order for them to approve, I wouldn't mind having five days off afer er since I will be on pins and needles waiting for embryo report, I hope I can make it for a 5 day transfer that is usually a good sign of strong embryos. This is going to be a long month.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Told you she was a b!!!!

Well I went to my injects class and low and behold my pap results were not there, she told me we could still go through the class but she was not ordering my meds till she got the results, and this would further delay me getting the depo lupron shot, I was pissed so I called the doc and instead of pressing prompt for medical records, I pressed for appointments and got this girl I use to go to high school with she said she would fax them over right away, woo hoo, so we went through the class, and hubby stuck himself in the hand with the needle when he was practicing how to do the pio shot, of course I am going to hear about this for months when he trys to bargain to get things his way, the pain he went through, whatever I will be able to say your not transfered into a pin cushion for 2 to 3 weeks. Well I have to have one more blood test could not get it done today since I have to use my prescription carriers mailorder service in order to get my meds and the nurse did not have experience with them and did not know how long it takes for them to ship she said to wait either until I got my meds or knew when I was getting them and get the bloodwork done 48 hours before ship date, and based on bloodwork as long as I do not look like I am about to O or pregnant comeback and get the depolupron shot from her, she said bloodwork results are only good for that week. Then I told her I just started a new job and still have to get fmla, she said just call her and come in on a sunday for the shot since she is the oncall nurse for iui and ivf for may she will be there every sunday, see I love this doctors office. Then I have to wait 23 days, do my supression check two weeks before and start lupron and follistim. I start with 300 units a day and on day 6 start monitoring. So basically I am looking for a june er and et, if my insurance does not cover depolupron then I have to do the lupron shots myself for two weeks and depending on bloodwork have to wait for next cycle but doc says since I have annov. cycles it probally won;t matter and can start the lupron when ever I get it in mail.

Monday, April 28, 2008

hoping they are there

well tommorrow is my injects class I hope my pap results made it, I kept calling lady at ob/gyn and left 2 messages she never called me back, and she has on her answer machine don't keep leaving messages this can delay the process of sending records. I interpret this as if you keep leaving messages you will get on my nerves and I will delay sending out your records because I am a b****. I will be so mad if my records are not their. The doc said he automatically has them sent out when you are a patient with rba. I hope so am so stressed I did not even think to call rba to see if they were transfered, like it matters because phone always goes straight to answering machine at ob/gyn and she does not callback

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm normal

yeah I got the phone call that I can get my lab results, I was able to view my results online that was cool and it said I am normal. Yeah so now just have to make sure they get results to re and I can start ivf, now only problem is this crazy cycle, I was spotting for a week and I guess sunday was cycle day one, so we will see if it ends by sunday. Now have 13 days until injects class, hope next week goes by fast. I am excited

Just waiting

so far so good my new boss said I can have a half a day off from work to go to injects class, when I know officially that I am starting ivf and have a ideal about the schedule I will discuss with her doing fmla. Now just waiting next week for pap results and making sure they are delivered before injects class.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

prescreening done

well I had my pap so all prescreening work is done, just have to wait for the results, doc said he will automatically send my results to re. I did not like the ob/gyn, when I went in for appointment I felt like I was in a pediatrics office all these children everywhere, running around jumping on furniture, and then I hated the medical assistant that was taking my history she did not ask the right questions, she was closing the folder and then I told her wait I have more info that you should put in my chart like I am under care with a re, I had a lap in oct., I have pcos so that is why I have long cycles. The ob/gyn did not want to really answer my questions he said well since you are under care with an re I do not want to have too many hands in the pot. When I get a bfp he will not be my baby doctor and besides everyone their was for the midwife, my sister used her for the birth of her son and loved her. I think it is just personality wise I did not like the ob/gyn he did not make me feel comfortable. So now just waiting for injects class and then provera to start lupron, I am spotting now which I figured I would since I had such a good lining after clomid, so I will be spotting the rest of the month till I get provera, the ob/gyn said if I wanted provera he would give it to me. But I didn't want to take it yet, since re is expecting to give me a provera script when I come in for injects, now I just need to get to my regular doc because I am out of metformin and need my bp medicine changed. I will have to do a walkin because they do not have any appointments, the ob/gyn gave me a note with my blood pressure on it he said if they give that to doc she will see me right away because it was high, I didn't tell him because I forgot to take current prescription for a week, so monday before work I will be sitting in docs office.

Friday, April 4, 2008

I started spotting today, so witch my be coming the bad thing about this is I have my pap smear scheduled for wed., I will call on tues to see if they do pap during the cycle or not. I don't want to but because I want to get the prescreening done for ivf, I will go through it. The good thing is that I would be able to start lupron after my injects teaching because if witch starts within the next few days I will be a few days from cycle 21 at my injects class.

Oh yeah I did get the job so I start april 16th, so I have to see if I can work a half day on the 29th to get to my injects class, then if I do start the lupron in may then I have to get fmla.

Friday, March 28, 2008

My Babel

Well today I called insurance they said when I called them the first time about going to rba, I was authorized she asked why I did not do the iui I advised did not respond to clomid, she said well you can do ivf you have 10,000. When the doc calls they will get authorization, cool that is out the way. Then I called my prescription carrier she said I had to call the speciality line which is just the mail order line, she put my claim in for the depo lupron, lupron, and follistium and ovidrel said she will contact doctor to see how much of everything he thinks I will need and I should know by mid next week, if approved or not. Shoot I just remembered I forgot to ask about the progesterone in oil, I'll just put in another claim for that, but the doc said I could do the suppositories. Got my pap smear scheduled for april 9th and got my injects class scheduled for april 29th I will have to call in for fmla were short staffed so no way I will be able to schedule that day off she only does it in the afternoons 1:30 pm and then I forgot I work sundays and since I will be monitored 7 days a week I have to put in because on sundays they say wait time can be up to 3 hours, because ivfs and iuis get priority, and then if I get this transfer I need fmla because job is 45 min away I thought it was downtown which meant I would have had time for ultrasound and bloodwork in morning and just hop on train. But no it is by airport so I would be like 30 to 40 minutes late everyday because of airport traffic. So I have panel interview on monday and by wed I will call to see if I can get fmla and depolupron shot. So I think that is everything sorry this post is basically my way of being able to put all the thoughts going in my head at a mile a minute down.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

We Finally Made it!!!!

Well we finally made it to our ivf consult, the doctor just went over the risks and positives of ivf, we agreed that we did want to proceed so since we got most of diagnostic out the way we needed aids, and std bloodwork done since feb was 12 months since we last had it done. Thank god the doctor got my husband to do it today otherwise I would of been battling with him to get it done. I need to get a pap from a ob/gyn I got a referral from him so if I do end up with a bfp this will also be my baby doctor, I need to call and schedule an injects class, then from what date is available the doc wants me to do the depolupron shot which lasts for 28 days, so I won't have to do lupron shots for 28 days, then suppression check if all is good then gonal-f or follisitim I think he said 300 iu twice a day then lupron shots, the stimulation drugs he did not care whichever one insurance will cover, he also did a the vaginial sounding test aka mock transfer today. But of course there is a dilemia in all this, I am up for another position in another department start the interview process tommorrow, this is a mon -fri schedule, from 8 am to 4;30 pm, if I do get it I would be starting midapril and I would need to put in for fmla, I am hoping there is no official training class and you learn by sitting with someone, but if there is an official training class then I will postpone until june. Tommorrow I will be spending my time on the phone making appointments, talking to insurance and prescription carriers to get preauthorization. So at this point the two obstacles would be if I get the position and there is a training class or for some reason my insurance acts like a butthead

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Missed the appointment again, I think my husband is getting cold feet, I think he is scared of the chance of twins, and also getting bloodwork done. Well I am leaving it up to him to make the appointment if they take us, got a message from office manager she wants me to call her, scared she will probally tell me they are charging me for appointment anyway, I hope I just get charged a no show. So when he is ready he can make the appointment I am so stressed right now from hoping he would make the appointments the last two days, my head and back hurts. Will need to focus my energy somewhere else for a minute

Monday, March 17, 2008

Had to reschedule

Well I had to reschedule my ivf consult because hubby woke up late today and took his sweet time getting dressed, by the time he was ready to go it was 1015 and had to be there at 1030 and it takes about 45 because of traffic, so now I am rescheduled for wed at 9:30 am nervous because I want to see how much we are going to owe since I HAD Two ultrasounds they went into infertility treatment, so will see how much of that ate up I am thinking we might owe like 900 out of pocket and then I want to see what protocol and meds the doc will want me to take so I can see how much of this my prescription carrier will cover, and then nervous about getting off work for the er and et, I am hoping not to use fmla and can use my two personal days for this, hubby will probally have to get fmla he will be starting a new job in a new department at work april 1st.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I can make eggs just won't grow

well I am out I went for my ultrasound on monday had six follicles on each side biggest one a 3, my lining was 10.2 and my progesterone was .54 they wanted to see anything above a 5. My choices are now try clomid at 150 mg or go straight to ivf, doc does not want me to do injectibles without it being a ivf cycle since I have no problem making follicles it is just getting them to mature, and since injectibles are expensive don't want to run the risk of canceled cycle because I have too many follicles for iui, ivf would be the best bet since can control the environment and freeze what we don't use. insurance will cover the ivf except for 250.00 thats not bad, I have a ivf consult on monday and I will ask what injectibles and how much so I can call my prescription carrier and see if they will cover, I read on the site they will cover with a 80.00 copay or I pay 20% if I get preauthorization before prescription and its good for 3 cycles. So I will know better after consult I might try clomid 150 mg and see if there is anything he can add with it to help follies mature, and this will buy more time because my husband might be transfering to another department at work and I want him to see how the managers are to see if he will have to get fmla or are they cool and they will give him the day off for egg transfer, since we need his sample. So now just waiting for monday to see what the decision will be.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Are they in there?

Well I went for my ultrasound yesterday, good thing is that the string of pearls that is usually seen with pcos women was not there anymore. Bad thing I had two fibroids, but they are real small so nothing to worry about. The nurse practioner does not thing I ovulated because you cannot see on the uterus where there was a collapsed shell, but she said she really can't go off that maybe it already disappeared, so I have to go in for a midcycle ultrasound to see if I have follicle growing and if I do she will teach me how to do a trigger and if my bloodwork looks like I am not going to release the egg then I will trigger. If it looks like I am not developing any follices then we just wait for witch and I guess injects will be next. So we shall see I thought clomid was working I felt ovulation pain, my opks worked like a medical textbook, but that is the thing with pcos we gear up to O but then nothing happens, but if I didn't O then the follicle should be seen hopefully I did O and the collapsed shell already went away, so we shall see next week what the ultrasound brings

Sunday, February 24, 2008


well I tested two times and they have both been bfn, will test one more time tommorrow and if still a bfn will call the doc to see about trying it again, I didn't have my hopes up too much because I did not feel me and my husband got the bd timed well. So we shall see what next cycle brings

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My First 2ww

I am now officially 4 days past ovulation, I don't have my hopes up too much, I don't feel I got enough bd sessions good, fertility friends interprets our bd as good so we shall see, thurs I will be 10 dpo but fertility friend wants me to test on the 29th I guess based on my other charts that showed I o on day 25 or 26 but bw would show I did not so now it is just a waiting game, my hubby wants to do iui next cycle because it was hard doing the bd sessions especially now with our schedule changes at work I get off at 9:30 pm and he gets off at 12:30 am and its a 45 minute drive home. So we shall see my boobies are sore and I had to throw up tonight sorry tmi.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The smiley and the egg

I can't believe it, I actually got a peak on my fertility monitor, in the last 5 months that I have used it I never got a peak, just highs, I was in shock when I removed the stick and saw that. Since this is my first round of clomid you know I got crazy with the ovulation kits, I have 50 sticks internet cheapies these are 50 for $15.00 but was not sure if I can rely on those, so then I also got clearblue read the lines test, and the digital smileys, plus my monitor, the clearblue ovulation has been lighter then reference line since testing, and internet cheapie has been a very faint line. Then today the clearblue line was as dark as reference and on internet cheapie it was as dark as test line, of course you can't rely on your eyes so I used the digital and yup got a smiley. I know people are like big deal you got a pos on ovulation does not mean you are going to get pregnant, but for me this is huge because I always felt opks do no work for me, I was about to give my monitor to my sister in law because I felt it was not working. So we will see if I can catch the egg, the other day my husband was fussin because I had not ovulated yet or saw any signs it was coming was complaining I did not know what I was doing and we need to go to the doctor, he said it feels like its been forever since I took the pill, my sister and mother were complaining too and you would think they would understand my sister has one child and my mother seven.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Is is working?

Well today my temp shot way up I was getting temps of 97.20 - 97.36 today it shot up to 97.98, and I have watery cm I am wondering does this mean I may ovulate within the five days after the clomid. I have never ovulated on my own even when charting it said I did, but after bloodwork said I didn't. I don't feel any side effects or twinges in my ovaries so I guess this is just a wait and see kind of thing. I will start opks on tuesday.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day 2

Today was not so bad, just felt irratable, had to switch desks today, managements idea of not being bored at the job, and this girl I have never sat by before was talking my head off. I was not in a sociable mood.

Monday, January 28, 2008

First day down three more to go

well my side effects today was dizziness and nauseous, then when I left work I had to throw up four times but I think it was because I got up too fast from my desk and power walked it out of there did not want to get stopped to be asked for overtime. So we shall see what tommorow brings

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Clomid Train acoming......

Finally tommorrow night I will start taking my 100 mg of clomid, its been a long year who knew it would of took so long just to get the testing done. I am excited and hope the day goes by fast, hope to get a bfp but I know it can take up to four months for clomid to work properly. Just hope it works. Nervous about the opks because I am one of those people that get several positives throughout my cycle. But we decided to do what the doctors says bd every other day after last pill, then when you get a plus three days straight. My husband is suppose to go out of town again on the 15th, for his godsons christening. If no plus I am going with him so if it happens while out of town we can bd, If I cannot get anyone to trade schedules with me for that sunday I will just call out sick, I could get written up because I did bid for that day for vacation and it was denied, but I do not want to miss my day if I get a plus.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Waiting for her

Just waiting for witch to rear her ugly head, hopefully she will come this week so I can start the clomid, I hope she comes I have no pms, she should be here thursday or friday.