Friday, November 16, 2007

on our way

I had my post op today, said I can start clomid 100mg for next cycle as long as my husbands semen analysis test comes back good. I thought I would have to pull teeth to get him to do it. He said if I call and make the appointment he will go, but he does not see why he has too because he has a five year old daughter. Just waiting for the doctors office to call me back hoping to get a appointment for wed since he is already off. I am so excited to finally to be actively getting something done. I will be doing this cycle unmonitored because of the holidays my doctors office will be on a reduced schedule for december and i can't get off work because this is our peak season. If no bfp in december then will do monitored cycles in january since I have to change my work schedule in january and will have mornings available for appointments, and I don't have to tell my manager my business, she is so noisy and does not have any confidentiality. A girl on my team was pregnant and when she went to her to be able to schedule off for her ob/gyn appointments she told the team she was pregnant and the girl did not want anyone to know yet and then she had a miscarriage. I plan on not telling anyone outside of family till 2nd trimester to make sure the pregnancy sticks because of the pcos. I am excited and hope my husbands s/a comes back good.