Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Told you she was a b!!!!

Well I went to my injects class and low and behold my pap results were not there, she told me we could still go through the class but she was not ordering my meds till she got the results, and this would further delay me getting the depo lupron shot, I was pissed so I called the doc and instead of pressing prompt for medical records, I pressed for appointments and got this girl I use to go to high school with she said she would fax them over right away, woo hoo, so we went through the class, and hubby stuck himself in the hand with the needle when he was practicing how to do the pio shot, of course I am going to hear about this for months when he trys to bargain to get things his way, the pain he went through, whatever I will be able to say your not transfered into a pin cushion for 2 to 3 weeks. Well I have to have one more blood test could not get it done today since I have to use my prescription carriers mailorder service in order to get my meds and the nurse did not have experience with them and did not know how long it takes for them to ship she said to wait either until I got my meds or knew when I was getting them and get the bloodwork done 48 hours before ship date, and based on bloodwork as long as I do not look like I am about to O or pregnant comeback and get the depolupron shot from her, she said bloodwork results are only good for that week. Then I told her I just started a new job and still have to get fmla, she said just call her and come in on a sunday for the shot since she is the oncall nurse for iui and ivf for may she will be there every sunday, see I love this doctors office. Then I have to wait 23 days, do my supression check two weeks before and start lupron and follistim. I start with 300 units a day and on day 6 start monitoring. So basically I am looking for a june er and et, if my insurance does not cover depolupron then I have to do the lupron shots myself for two weeks and depending on bloodwork have to wait for next cycle but doc says since I have annov. cycles it probally won;t matter and can start the lupron when ever I get it in mail.