Sunday, October 18, 2009


OMG I feel like crap, this weekend has been the worst, yesterday all I ate was a plain burger at lunch time and nothing else at least I was able to keep it down, I took my nephew to a birthday party at the mall they had pizza from sbarro, I wanted some but was scared I would have to run to the bathroom all the sudden, and did not want to have to leave my nephew unattended, this morning I ate a corner of a spinach and chicken quesidilla and could not keep it down, this time around I do feel different from last time I would sometimes have morning sickness when I ate, this time I am just nauseous all the time and have not been able to keep anything down, and if I do keep it down I wish it would come back up, well I hope on Wednesday these feeling start to dwindle down some, according to the women in my due date club they say it does start to get better going into late 8 wks into 9 wks we shall see, otherwise at ultrasound if it goes good I will beg for zofran, the on call doc from first ultrasound told me no when I asked, her approach is old fashioned anyway according to the rumors in the office. So happy that I will be with my regular RE.