Friday, March 28, 2008

My Babel

Well today I called insurance they said when I called them the first time about going to rba, I was authorized she asked why I did not do the iui I advised did not respond to clomid, she said well you can do ivf you have 10,000. When the doc calls they will get authorization, cool that is out the way. Then I called my prescription carrier she said I had to call the speciality line which is just the mail order line, she put my claim in for the depo lupron, lupron, and follistium and ovidrel said she will contact doctor to see how much of everything he thinks I will need and I should know by mid next week, if approved or not. Shoot I just remembered I forgot to ask about the progesterone in oil, I'll just put in another claim for that, but the doc said I could do the suppositories. Got my pap smear scheduled for april 9th and got my injects class scheduled for april 29th I will have to call in for fmla were short staffed so no way I will be able to schedule that day off she only does it in the afternoons 1:30 pm and then I forgot I work sundays and since I will be monitored 7 days a week I have to put in because on sundays they say wait time can be up to 3 hours, because ivfs and iuis get priority, and then if I get this transfer I need fmla because job is 45 min away I thought it was downtown which meant I would have had time for ultrasound and bloodwork in morning and just hop on train. But no it is by airport so I would be like 30 to 40 minutes late everyday because of airport traffic. So I have panel interview on monday and by wed I will call to see if I can get fmla and depolupron shot. So I think that is everything sorry this post is basically my way of being able to put all the thoughts going in my head at a mile a minute down.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

We Finally Made it!!!!

Well we finally made it to our ivf consult, the doctor just went over the risks and positives of ivf, we agreed that we did want to proceed so since we got most of diagnostic out the way we needed aids, and std bloodwork done since feb was 12 months since we last had it done. Thank god the doctor got my husband to do it today otherwise I would of been battling with him to get it done. I need to get a pap from a ob/gyn I got a referral from him so if I do end up with a bfp this will also be my baby doctor, I need to call and schedule an injects class, then from what date is available the doc wants me to do the depolupron shot which lasts for 28 days, so I won't have to do lupron shots for 28 days, then suppression check if all is good then gonal-f or follisitim I think he said 300 iu twice a day then lupron shots, the stimulation drugs he did not care whichever one insurance will cover, he also did a the vaginial sounding test aka mock transfer today. But of course there is a dilemia in all this, I am up for another position in another department start the interview process tommorrow, this is a mon -fri schedule, from 8 am to 4;30 pm, if I do get it I would be starting midapril and I would need to put in for fmla, I am hoping there is no official training class and you learn by sitting with someone, but if there is an official training class then I will postpone until june. Tommorrow I will be spending my time on the phone making appointments, talking to insurance and prescription carriers to get preauthorization. So at this point the two obstacles would be if I get the position and there is a training class or for some reason my insurance acts like a butthead

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Missed the appointment again, I think my husband is getting cold feet, I think he is scared of the chance of twins, and also getting bloodwork done. Well I am leaving it up to him to make the appointment if they take us, got a message from office manager she wants me to call her, scared she will probally tell me they are charging me for appointment anyway, I hope I just get charged a no show. So when he is ready he can make the appointment I am so stressed right now from hoping he would make the appointments the last two days, my head and back hurts. Will need to focus my energy somewhere else for a minute

Monday, March 17, 2008

Had to reschedule

Well I had to reschedule my ivf consult because hubby woke up late today and took his sweet time getting dressed, by the time he was ready to go it was 1015 and had to be there at 1030 and it takes about 45 because of traffic, so now I am rescheduled for wed at 9:30 am nervous because I want to see how much we are going to owe since I HAD Two ultrasounds they went into infertility treatment, so will see how much of that ate up I am thinking we might owe like 900 out of pocket and then I want to see what protocol and meds the doc will want me to take so I can see how much of this my prescription carrier will cover, and then nervous about getting off work for the er and et, I am hoping not to use fmla and can use my two personal days for this, hubby will probally have to get fmla he will be starting a new job in a new department at work april 1st.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I can make eggs just won't grow

well I am out I went for my ultrasound on monday had six follicles on each side biggest one a 3, my lining was 10.2 and my progesterone was .54 they wanted to see anything above a 5. My choices are now try clomid at 150 mg or go straight to ivf, doc does not want me to do injectibles without it being a ivf cycle since I have no problem making follicles it is just getting them to mature, and since injectibles are expensive don't want to run the risk of canceled cycle because I have too many follicles for iui, ivf would be the best bet since can control the environment and freeze what we don't use. insurance will cover the ivf except for 250.00 thats not bad, I have a ivf consult on monday and I will ask what injectibles and how much so I can call my prescription carrier and see if they will cover, I read on the site they will cover with a 80.00 copay or I pay 20% if I get preauthorization before prescription and its good for 3 cycles. So I will know better after consult I might try clomid 150 mg and see if there is anything he can add with it to help follies mature, and this will buy more time because my husband might be transfering to another department at work and I want him to see how the managers are to see if he will have to get fmla or are they cool and they will give him the day off for egg transfer, since we need his sample. So now just waiting for monday to see what the decision will be.