Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Vote Was Stolen!!!

I went to vote today, and was told I couldn't vote because I am shown in system I voted by absentee vote, the polling manager said I had to vote provisionally, I did not receive absentee ballot, but two poll workers said she could call the office and they can confirm I did not mail in ballot and they give her a code to override, I asked her to call and verify info, she said the lines were busy and forced me to vote provisionally, I was upset and crying, I called election protection the lawyer called me back at 3:30 pm and told me that they were suppose to give me a aafidavit to sign if I can make it back to the polling place demand I vote by computer, I got off work at 6pm and made it from college park to roswell in 45 minutes, with 10 min before polls closed I went in and told them they told me wrong info and I want to vote by computer, the polling manager admitted she was wrong they did not get correct info till afternoon, she said because I voted proviosnally I could not vote by computer, I advised I was told different she called regional poling manager, had to wait for her to get there, she tried to pull my ballot from bag but it was locked up, she took card I filled ou,t the bar code from the top of provisional ballot and my aafidavit I signed and put it in her purse and said she will personally put my vote through, I called election protection back because I know that is against law for her to take voter info with her. SO my vote was stolen.