Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Beta #3

Well I got beta #3 on Monday it was 5292, after they had me in a panick all day, I am used to getting called by 11:30 am, she did not call me till 2:30 pm, I was beginning to think it was bad news and nurse was scared to call.

Well the morning sickness has kicked in was eating the best steak of my life for a birthday dinner for my brother and 60.00 bucks went down the toilet, I haven't had any sickness in the morning, just at night after dinner, no let me take that back I did barf up my cup of water I drank one morning.

1st ultrasound is on monday and hope to see the hearbeat, maybe I will actually see the heartbeat since I will be hitting two days shy of 7 weeks, last time they told me it was there, I didn't see a thing but a little piece of rice, so maybe it will be a better view I think first time around I went in 6 wks exactly.