Saturday, December 1, 2007

He showed

Well my husband went and did the S/A, hopefully we can get pregnant without a iui because it will be hard to try to get him to do it again, he said he felt dirty said the room smelled like alcohol he was scared to sit on the couch they had in there, the movies they had were old no dvd player, a vhs player. Then he said when he went to turn in his sample he put it on the desk and the nurse scrunched up her nose as she used a brochure to pick it up. If we do have to do iui in the future, I will probally do what some couples do get a hotel room by the doctors office. Now we have to wait for the results nurse told him it can take up to five days for them to get the report typed and in my chart. Hopefully when I call on thursday because that will be day 30 of my cycle to order provera, the S/A will be in there and he has normal results so I can also get my clomid. I already signed the release form saying I understand the chance of multiples. Doctor had nurse put note in my chart I can only get the clomid if the S/A is normal so here is to hoping everything is fine, so it will be a good day late birthday present that we get the go ahead for clomid.