Saturday, April 12, 2008

prescreening done

well I had my pap so all prescreening work is done, just have to wait for the results, doc said he will automatically send my results to re. I did not like the ob/gyn, when I went in for appointment I felt like I was in a pediatrics office all these children everywhere, running around jumping on furniture, and then I hated the medical assistant that was taking my history she did not ask the right questions, she was closing the folder and then I told her wait I have more info that you should put in my chart like I am under care with a re, I had a lap in oct., I have pcos so that is why I have long cycles. The ob/gyn did not want to really answer my questions he said well since you are under care with an re I do not want to have too many hands in the pot. When I get a bfp he will not be my baby doctor and besides everyone their was for the midwife, my sister used her for the birth of her son and loved her. I think it is just personality wise I did not like the ob/gyn he did not make me feel comfortable. So now just waiting for injects class and then provera to start lupron, I am spotting now which I figured I would since I had such a good lining after clomid, so I will be spotting the rest of the month till I get provera, the ob/gyn said if I wanted provera he would give it to me. But I didn't want to take it yet, since re is expecting to give me a provera script when I come in for injects, now I just need to get to my regular doc because I am out of metformin and need my bp medicine changed. I will have to do a walkin because they do not have any appointments, the ob/gyn gave me a note with my blood pressure on it he said if they give that to doc she will see me right away because it was high, I didn't tell him because I forgot to take current prescription for a week, so monday before work I will be sitting in docs office.