Monday, September 14, 2009

They're In


Transfered four in today, two of them looked awesome according to re and embryo guy and the other two not so good. I now have no more embryos, said they thawed out the rest of the day one embryos and none of them survived the thaw. So they turned to the rest of my blasts one of them did not survive the thaw, so the four remaining were put in me. Beta is scheduled for the 24th it was the 28th but nurse called and said she can make it earlier said 28th was based on if they had to transfer day one embryos, but since we are doing blasts then the 24th is fine, I was like yeah I want to do it earlier, because that means if this works second beta will be on the 28th.

I got my heparin today finally the pharmicist called the nurse to get things squared away, she was really protecting her ass, but I still have to go in tommorrow to get the needles because I need tb needles and they only have insulin, luckly directions nurse gave me were to start tommorrow. So now I am officially in the tww and officially pupo