Wednesday, May 5, 2010

She's here Birth story

On tuesday april 27th I got my clerage taken out, doc said you may experience bleeding, and cramping, ok cool. On Wednesday morning I am awaken by these cramps in my back that start to radiate out towards my hips, I get up go in the kitchen and sitdown it seems sitting up in the chair makes them feel better. My mom comes in and asks why I have this funny look on my face and I tell her what I am feeling she said oh your in labor but you'll probally be like this for days, go practice yoga breathing your going to need it. I just roll my eyes like whatever, later in the day the pain moves in lower belly, and I have to stop, my mom is like I am going to get dressed you'll have this baby soon, I was like I can be like this for weeks. At about 9 that night I took some tylenol and was able to get some sleep. The next morning I was awaken again to bad cramps, I got up and went and sat in kitchen, was still cramping but did not seem as bad, I decided I was going to mickie D's for a sausage biscuit, I was walking out to car and then all the sudden got this real bad cramping that stopped me in my tracks, I figured I cannot drive like this, so I went and laid on the living room couch, my mom comes down and again says I need to practice my yoga breathing and I need to go outside and walk the driveway, we have one of those driveways when you say I am going to check the mail you drive to end in car, I was sitting on the couch rest of afternoon one of my brothers came over my mom told him go time her contraction, I open my eyes and see him sitting across from me staring with a watch in his hand, I tell him to get out my face. Then my sister comes over and her and my mom are hounding me to go walk, so fine me and my sister walk the driveway and on the way back it is all uphill, I just felt like I really had to go to bathroom really bad, so we get back in house and that was the best bowel movement I have had since this pregnancy started so then I think well maybe this was all gas and then another contraction or cramp. I go back to sitting on the couch the contractions are getting stronger, my husband gets home like 7 or 8 and my mom tells him to make me walk the driveway again so we go outside walked it, and when we get in house another good bowel movement, then I was sitting in kitchen and my mom just grabs me come on we gonna walk and we just walk around the house in circles, I am trying to pull away she is hold my arm tight contractions are getting stronger, finally I tell her I have to pee, I go in my room and never come back out, I am laying in bed my husband said just take some more tylenol it helped yesterday, so I did, and then I go to sleep, throughout the night I still get contractions but not as bad, then in middle of night I get up and pee, get back in bed, and when I roll over I feel a gush, I am thinking I know I did not pee on myself because I just peed, it felt sticky, so I jump up run into bathroom and look, I see the biggest glob of mucus, and then this thick liquid and everytime I walked I get little gushes, I go and wake my husband and tell him my water broke, call the doctor, he says I am going to take a shower, then trys to call doctor and instead calls our cell phone company and says the recording said enter some kind of account number I will call on the way, I tell him no call them now, if I don't have to go in then I won't, he looks at id oh I called wrong number, he calls doc and doc tells him come on in I am already here, I tell him to call my mom and let her know, he leaves out the room, I was in bathroom washing up and changing clothes my mom comes in I heard the garage door open whats going on I said my water broke, she said you can turn the water off by turning the knob under the sink, I look at her crazy then she's like oh, let me run get some clothes on, if I were you I would stay here and labor as long as you can and then go, I told her if I was at full term then yeah but my high risk doc said water breaking before 36 weeks I need to come in right away. Whole ride there everytime I had a contraction my mom kept saying come yoga breath in the nose out the mouth, we get to hospital and get into a labor room, I am hooked up to the monitor, you can hear the baby hiccuping, she did the aminsure test its kinda of black she was like thats weird I tell her I did wash up before coming so maybe its also picking up the soap I used. The nurse then checks me I am at 3 cm, she calls doc he said he wants me to start pitocin, she said she will start it at 7 am, she asks if I want a epi, I was like yeah if you are giving me pitocin, the guy comes in he is busy on he cell phone I had to be stuck with that damn needle in my back 2 times, I am like I still feel my legs the guy says it will take about 20 minutes for it to work and then he leaves, my nurse starts my pitocin, contractions are stronger, then finally doc comes in and checks me and says still a three, going to crank the pitocin up this is like 9 am, my two sisters come, we are laughing and talking and then all the sudden I just got hit with waves of contractions with no breaks, it felt like I just wanted to jump out the bed and run and use the bathroom, I tell the nurse I think the epi is not working she asks if I am feeling pain I am like its just this real intense pressure, she says epi can't make that go away. So we go through this some more until like noon, I asked to be checked, the first nurse was like you have to relax I can't get my fngers in there, so she goes to get another nurse, she goes to check I about lifted out the bed and onto ceiling it hurt so bad, she says I think your still a 3, but really can't get my fingers in there, so another nurse comes in and she checks, your only a 1, I just started bawling what do you mean I am only a 1 everyone else said I am a 3 how long am I going to have to go through this I can't take it, the nurse says I will be back, my mom looks at me and says I think your having a allergic reaction to something they gave you, she says your eyes look like they are about to bulge out of there sockets, your lips are white, but when you open your mouth its bloodred, and I think they can't check you because you look swollen ur probally swollen down there, while waiting for her contractions are still really intense I am screaming OMG, my mom husband and sister start massaging me trying to get me to stay calm, the doc comes back, goes to check me again it hurts like hell and says your still a three, I started crying again, everyone asks the doctor how can this be baby head is real low, and with how intense her contractions are she should be progressing, doc says she just got clerage out so she has not been able to walk or excercise to help loosen up down there he asks what I want to do I say c-section, he says ok, the nurse comes back and says c-section scheduled for 2 pm I start crying I have to go through these contractions for a hour and a hlf, she turns off the pitocin, and I am laying there going through these contractions, they send in someone to add more meds to my epi, another guy comes in puts something in epi asks if I feel something I am like yeah kinda I guess, he says it will take 20 minutes to work, at 1:30 pm nurse comes in to trim down there since I did not have time to do this and I am laughing she is like why are you laughing, I am like cause it tickles she is like you are not suppose to be feeling anything, she calls them back another guy comes in he does the ice pack thing I am like I can feel that, he checks epi and said he did not insert right I am thinking maybe if epi was done right I might of been able to handle pitocin he redoes it I am like yes I am numb.

They wheel me into operation room and setup and then husband comes in and sits next to me, he was like I am surprised I did not pass out, he said I walk in and see a pool of blood on your stomache, I feel the tugging and I hear her cry, my husband is like she is white, I am like that is vernix she is early, he looks over sheet again oh okay they are cleaning her, doc tells him he can go over and look at baby, everyone in room is like she looks like her mother, then I feel this pressure on my chest like it is going to cave in, epi guy asks whats wrong I tell him he said they are pushing your uterus back in so your going to feel pressure, I kept saying over and over I can't breath there is something on my chest, then my husband comes over with baby and says look I turn my head and then next thing I know I wake up in recovery room. I ask where my husband is she says in transition room with baby she was having some respiratory problems from having swallowed fluid so they are monitoring her, you have been here for two hours. So I spent rest of day in the recovery room, husband comes down said baby is doing fine they are taking her tube out and if she does good for two hours the tube won't go back in, since my pulse won't go down they say I have to stay on the labor floor and can't get a post partum room. Finally at 10 pm that night a nurse comes down and says do you want to see you baby? I am like yeah she said we were waiting for you to move into your post room but they say you will be staying down here. So she brings her down and says are you going to breastfeed I am like yeah so she gives her to me and I am just crying looking at her she is just so beautiful.