Saturday, January 30, 2010

Surgery Day

Finally by 7pm nurse came in and said urine test came back fine surgery tommorrow, no eating after midnight, nurse woke me at 6am and told me surgery was at 9am they would come and get me at 8am so I need to change in a gown, I needed help getting in the gown because of my IV, my husband had spent the night so he helped me get in the gown, they wheeled me in the stretcher to the prep area, the anestitheologist came in to discuss my options be put to sleep or epidural, said he recommended epidural it was easier on the baby. I chose the epidural, he comes back has me get in fetal position and says you are going to feel a pinch, I guess I got stressed out I heart the blood pressure machine start beeping his assistant said her blood pressure has skyrocketed, the doc tells her give her 1cc of something to help me relax, he finishes the epidural and then all the sudden I get hot, and dizzy and feel like I just want to barf, my husband comes in and says whats wrong I tell him I don't feel good, the doc says we gave her something to relax and it brought her blood pressure down real low, I started crying I was just want to throw up I wanted to roll over to try to barf but couldn't because the epidural was worked I was numb from belly button down. The doc tells his assistant to give me some ephindrene I think, and then they start asking me over and over my name and birth date, my husband was like what are you doing, we are trying to stop her from passing out until her pressure comes back he starts shaking my bed, I wanted to kick him but couldn't move my legs, then my surgery doc comes in lets move her I am ready, while they are wheeling me I am moaning doctor says don't let her throw up that will cause her to contract and make it hard for me to stitch, by the time we get to the operating room, I feel so much better, doc must of gave me alot in my epidural I did not feel a thing, it took forever for the epidural to wear off, the doc said when it wore off I could go home, they wheeled me back to the room it took 2 hours for the epidural to wear off, and then I needed some pain meds took a nap woke up at 4pm, and finally was sent home at 4pm, I am now on bedrest for a week until my appointment on thursday.

In the hospital

On Monday went to my peri appointment, they did another anatomy scan, everything was going well, then she measured the cervix and it was measuring short, she went to get the doctor, the doctor came in and said you have a incompetent cervix, have you been having any contractions, I was like no, she was like we want to admit you in the hospital and do a clerage, or you can go home and be on strict bedrest and comeback and see if it is longer, I was like I want the clerage, the doctor was like you are taking this too well, I was like is something wrong with the baby she was like no, baby is healthy, she was like okay a nurse will wheel you over, when the nurse wheeled me to the hospital and then just left me at the admissions desk and all these pregnant people that were checking in because they were in labor, and when the clerk asked me why I was sitting there I just started bawling and could barely talk, I gave her the papers the doctors office told me to give her, and then tried calling my husband he can't pick up at work, I called my mother it was a miracle she picked up, I just got a new cell number and she does not pick up numbers she does not recognize, I started crying again she was yelling what is wrong is the baby ok are you ok, what happened? I finally got it together and told her, and asked her to call my boss because I didn't want to break down to her, and then told her to find my wallet I left it by the computer, but my info was already in the hospital system since I had to do diabetes classes.

I was finally admitted in my room it was the size of a closet no shower, just a toilet in the corner, the nurse came in to ask the standard questions, said I was on strict bedrest which meant no getting up for the bathroom I had to use a bedpan, that sucked, they put me on a contraction monitor, then my sister came pissed the nurse off trying to joke around with her, then my mom and brother came, they stayed alittle while, then they all left, then my husband came, I finally got fed at like 4pm. The next morning the tech from my peri office came in and did a ultrasound said that cervix looked a little longer, surgery was to be at 1pm, so I was getting preped for that moved over to the strecther when doc called and said no they did not like my labs showed I could have preclampsia, when they admitted me my blood pressure was 157/100, now labs showed kidneys were elevated, so I have to do a 24 hour urine, and she nurse noticed urine was cloudy so I could have a uti so they started me on some antibiotics. The good news I got moved to a new room and was allowed to get up for showers and to use the bathroom, it was like the ritz carlton, the nurse was waiting for me, I got a choice in what I ate, if I was hungry at anytime they would go to the pantry or send a tech down to the cafeteria, if I was bored I could call a team of volunteers that had activities for me, on fridays I could get a puppy to come in my room, and the room was so much bigger. On

On Wed I thought okay I get the clerage today, nope the nurse came in and said you have to finish the 24 hour urine test you started late afternoon yesterday, at least I finally got to eat in the morning that tuesday again I was starved because they thought we were doing the surgery. So it was a day of just chilling out in the room, then late afternoon the nurse was talking to me I felt like all the sudden she sounded like she was in a tunnel, I got hot all the sudden and dizzy she checked my sugar it was way low, she asked did you eat your afternoon snack I was like I did not get one, then she checked and came back they forgot to put it in the system I sent the tech to the cafeteria to see what she can get, my husband was like she needs something now, he went to the pantry which is on the same floor, and got me some fruit cups, pudding and crackers, I started feeling much better, tech came back thirty minutes later, with some fruit.