Friday, February 27, 2009

They're In

Well here they are:


We transfered 3 blasts back, embryoloigist said they were good quality, I was trying to ask questions but he was too busy in my little sisters face, I brought her along so she could understand the transfer process she always thinks its major surgery, and she is the pretty and charming one. I don't think the doctor came and talked to me he was too busy standing in the corner flirting with her, even the embryologist stayed in the room when they did my transfer, he has never done that he always shows you the pic tells you if they are good or bad ask how many you want to transfer, and then leaves the room. Even the nurse like my sister, but that is just her personality. They were like we hope we get to see you again I looked at them like they were crazy, and then nurse tried to clean it up I mean with another patient. Well beta is march 9th, I can feel where he put the embryos on my left side, it is sore right there.

I am having medicine drama now, I knew I needed more estrace because he upped my dose, so I called the mail order and ordered another refill today they do not ship on weekends so it would be shipped out on monday and I get it Tuesday, then when I got home I was like let me count the pills, I only had enough left for today and half for tommorrow, since he has upped my dose. So I call my local pharmacy to see if they had estrace she said yes, called mailorder back they canceled the order and told me to go to pharmicist and have them call so they can transfer, so they transfered and filled it, and I was paying half attention to the lady because I was on cell phone, she was like we were able to give you thirty days, I get home and realize she only gave me thirty pills, so that will last me through wednesday, so I will have to cal doc on monday and have them call mail order for another prescrip because that was last refill, if I had paid attention then I would of told them to give me the 120 and just paid out of pocket, I cant be mad at the lady because I was not paying attention .