Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Are they in there?

Well I went for my ultrasound yesterday, good thing is that the string of pearls that is usually seen with pcos women was not there anymore. Bad thing I had two fibroids, but they are real small so nothing to worry about. The nurse practioner does not thing I ovulated because you cannot see on the uterus where there was a collapsed shell, but she said she really can't go off that maybe it already disappeared, so I have to go in for a midcycle ultrasound to see if I have follicle growing and if I do she will teach me how to do a trigger and if my bloodwork looks like I am not going to release the egg then I will trigger. If it looks like I am not developing any follices then we just wait for witch and I guess injects will be next. So we shall see I thought clomid was working I felt ovulation pain, my opks worked like a medical textbook, but that is the thing with pcos we gear up to O but then nothing happens, but if I didn't O then the follicle should be seen hopefully I did O and the collapsed shell already went away, so we shall see next week what the ultrasound brings

Sunday, February 24, 2008


well I tested two times and they have both been bfn, will test one more time tommorrow and if still a bfn will call the doc to see about trying it again, I didn't have my hopes up too much because I did not feel me and my husband got the bd timed well. So we shall see what next cycle brings

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My First 2ww

I am now officially 4 days past ovulation, I don't have my hopes up too much, I don't feel I got enough bd sessions good, fertility friends interprets our bd as good so we shall see, thurs I will be 10 dpo but fertility friend wants me to test on the 29th I guess based on my other charts that showed I o on day 25 or 26 but bw would show I did not so now it is just a waiting game, my hubby wants to do iui next cycle because it was hard doing the bd sessions especially now with our schedule changes at work I get off at 9:30 pm and he gets off at 12:30 am and its a 45 minute drive home. So we shall see my boobies are sore and I had to throw up tonight sorry tmi.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The smiley and the egg

I can't believe it, I actually got a peak on my fertility monitor, in the last 5 months that I have used it I never got a peak, just highs, I was in shock when I removed the stick and saw that. Since this is my first round of clomid you know I got crazy with the ovulation kits, I have 50 sticks internet cheapies these are 50 for $15.00 but was not sure if I can rely on those, so then I also got clearblue read the lines test, and the digital smileys, plus my monitor, the clearblue ovulation has been lighter then reference line since testing, and internet cheapie has been a very faint line. Then today the clearblue line was as dark as reference and on internet cheapie it was as dark as test line, of course you can't rely on your eyes so I used the digital and yup got a smiley. I know people are like big deal you got a pos on ovulation does not mean you are going to get pregnant, but for me this is huge because I always felt opks do no work for me, I was about to give my monitor to my sister in law because I felt it was not working. So we will see if I can catch the egg, the other day my husband was fussin because I had not ovulated yet or saw any signs it was coming was complaining I did not know what I was doing and we need to go to the doctor, he said it feels like its been forever since I took the pill, my sister and mother were complaining too and you would think they would understand my sister has one child and my mother seven.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Is is working?

Well today my temp shot way up I was getting temps of 97.20 - 97.36 today it shot up to 97.98, and I have watery cm I am wondering does this mean I may ovulate within the five days after the clomid. I have never ovulated on my own even when charting it said I did, but after bloodwork said I didn't. I don't feel any side effects or twinges in my ovaries so I guess this is just a wait and see kind of thing. I will start opks on tuesday.