Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1st ultrasound

Had the first ultrasound today and yes there was a grain a rice in there with a heartbeat, measuring right on track with my due date. I was so nervous thinking what if nothing is in there, the symptoms I have been having is nauseous, sore bbs, and tired, I had to take a nap yesterday instead of eating lunch I was so tired. We got to hear the heartbeat took a minute to pick up the sound kept fading in and out, said could not measure it yet too soon, then when I went in room to wait for doc he came in and said its about fucking time, and gave me a high five, okay that was interesting and a bold move how do you know my feelings about cussing, well when I use up my vial of PIO I get to use the gel now, I think I cracked the bottle I dropped it when I took it out the box and when I was filling the syringe it was dripping down the syringe, oh well at least I filled the gel prescriptions. Well next ultrasound in two weeks, I was hoping for weekly appointments.