Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How I love the Z

Had my second ultrasound yesterday, I was so nervous I did not sleep good, my sister came with me to the appointment I was waiting for like 30 minutes, usually when I get there I get seen right away, the secretary went in the back to see what was going on, I had visions in my head that the techs were fighting over who would do the ultrasound because they did not want to be the one to give me the bad news. The tech turned the screen away from me, my sister stood up to look, I heard her gasp I got scared she was like I see it, its big, but let me be quiet lets make sure there is a heartbeat still there, the tech turned the screen was like here is your baby measuring right on track, I was like omg it looks big, I see nubs for arms and legs, and can clearly see heartbeat without squinting, we saw one of the nubs move looked like it was waving, the tech and my sister started talking she took like fifty million pictures, both my sister and tech were just oohing and aweing then I felt weird laying there with a wand up my hoo hah with the tech holding it while her and my sister were having a social conversation.

RE wants me back in two weeks and then he said if things are still going well he will kick me out, we will also discuss another ob/gyn since I did not like his first referral and the guy has moved to cumming, not driving that far, he said don't go to North Fulton they have been cited for a number of violations in the OB/GYN department, come to think of it it is hard to find a ob/gyn that does deliver there now especially since northside has opened several new locations in different cites, so it looks like I will probally be at Northside. North Fulton is good for if you are doing a waterbirth and are under a midwifes care, but we will see how long that reputation lasts I have heard rumors of another hospital in atlanta starting to offer water births.

I am so happy that my doctor gave me some Zofran, I love this stuff to be able to eat today, and not throw it back up, it does have a weird side effect it makes you drowsy, but not drowsy where you feel like you want to sleep, I felt sleepy but also up at the same time, had a very hard time concentrating at work today.