Thursday, July 23, 2009

Warming the engine up again

Well I called yesterday to see about starting birth control pills, and my doc and his nurse were on vacation till next week, so I got some lady that insisted I had to come in for a pre ivf consult said doc won't let me start without one, little does she know I always start without having to come in since I have no cycles, but I figured just as well see if any thing came back from d&c report, lady said she did not see it in my file and it was not in front of her, ok lady I know you cannot tell me the results only the doctor can. So I go in thursday for appointment and will probally start bcp pills that night when I pick up prescription. I was scared to call because I thought I had no more credit and no more insurance to cover a FET, but I talked to the business lady and she was like you insurance rate for a FET is $750, and you have enough for two more tries, and your credit will cover a cash pay if you have to do a third, I was happy to hear that. So next week the start of FET#4 sigh.