Thursday, May 28, 2009

3rd Beta

Woo hoo third beta came in its 5500, I finally got my first ultrasound scheduled its Wednesday, I am definately taking a sick day that day. I am so excited to be able to actually get a picture and hopefully see a heartbeat. Now I am just going through the thing of finding an OB/GYN the one my re recommended changed his delivery hospital and I do not want to go to that hospital it is not near house and I did not care for him too much, my choices are either North Fulton or Northside the Main Hospital. I emailed four offices to see what kind of response I would get, I asked how they would handle me appointment wise being a ivf patient and diabetic, and also about there u/s equipment do they have 3-d capabilities which to me translates better equipment, one I liked her response as far as saying she would handle me she said to setup a consult appointment with her so we can discuss what I want but no she does not have the latest equipment, the other one said they do have the latest ultrasound equipment and that I would be treated like any other patients with an average of 14 appointments throughout pregnancy. Gee thanks, the third there website already stated they used 3d ultrasound I just wanted to know if they delivered anywhere besides Northside since they also have a office near my house, they only deliver at Northside, but I am interested in two of the docs there because there specialty is high risk, diabetics and pcos, and one of the doctors is younger so he would be more up to date on the newer technologies and not set in his old ways yet, and there website claims you never meet with just a nurse you will always meet with the doctor you picked out, and before any exams start they first will come in and talk before having you take off clothes. They deliver at Northside.

My sister is giving me grief if I choose this doctor because she thinks Northside is just a baby factory, it is its one of the best hospitals in the city to deliver at, she wants me to go to North Fulton and have a waterbirth like her, that does not interest me, it grosses me out thinking about sitting in a tub with blood and tissue floating around in the water, with you, you have to bring one of those nets you use in a fish tank to catch the floating tissue, I don't think so.