Saturday, February 21, 2009

A hiccup

had my lining check on thursday, my lining was a 6.2, doc was talking about pushing back transfer date, I was like nooo I already got a vacation day for Friday, so he upped my estrogen dose and said come back sunday morning if lining is a 6.8 or 7 then we can proceed. So I hope tommorrow my lining is fine. I can get my vacation day changed with no problem but just so ready to get this show on the road. Just surprised lining was thin never had this problem before, I think its because this time he had me do a double dose of lupron for suppression. He said other thin it being thin everything else was textbook perfect it tripled striped, I did not have a single follie, on the ultrasound which I guess is good for a pcoser. I just hope this is the only hiccup. If this one does not work I am asking for a uterine biopsy to make sure no problems with implantation. Lets hope for the best tommorow.