Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Graduated

Yeah I finally graduated from the RE, I was nervous the tech I got was the one who had told me about my miscarriage and she was so bitchy then. But she was real nice and took fifty million pictures, the baby looked liked it was running, I kept thinking in my head Run Forest Run, then it flipped and then it bent over and mooned us. My RE gave me a silver spoon as a parting gift and hug and said hope you choose us again when you are ready for child #2.

Today I had my first ob/gyn thought it was not going to happen get to office and doctor I chose was not at that location today, but they were still able to fit me in, I liked that doctor he was real cool he knew my RE said he met him on a camping trip because my RE was the only one that came in a fully loaded RV with a big screen tv and stero and gaming system, haha that was funny, and he gets a award he gave me the fastest pap smear I have ever had in my life, I hate feeling the scraping I was preparing myself and then he was done, I was like wow, didn't feel a thing, then did a ultrasound, gave him the DVD to record he was like I am really impressed you pay attention most people bring in the wrong type of dvd and then you have to deal with the disappoint, but their ultrasound machine is great, of course all baby showed was butt again looked like he didn't have a head, doc said well we know its fine because it is kicking its legs, can't see heartbeat because of way baby was facing, we heard it, it was fine, then I asked him about does he think I will have natural birth or C-section, he said if you go before 39 weeks then you can do natural or we can induce youm but we do not allow our diabetic patients to go past 39 weeks, Told him do not want to be induced, just give me a c-setion if I have not gone into labor by 39 weeks, don't want to have to have a emergency c-section. Tommorrow the nurse will call me with appointment day and time for NT Scan with MFM specialist, and I go back to ob/gyn in 3 weeks.