Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's Still a Girl

Got second confirmation it is still a girl, hubby is still stuck on name he has chosen, I am still up in the air about it, and no middle name seems to go. We started our registry last week at babies r us, I think I was in shock that I am at the halfway point, so hubby had the scanner, of course I had to go in and delete half the stuff he put on there he had 5 carseats and 4 strollers. I went to babies r us to look at the crib I was thinking of buying off amazon, I am happy I went to look at it, I would of been so disappointed if I just ordered it site unseen, I kept seeing in the reviews that it was smaller than most cribs, it was so cheap looking and did not seem sturdy. I went with this crib instead:
and now I am looking at bedding I have chosen a bedding set I like but everywhere I look it is sold out: