Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NT Scan

Wow I am still going, had my NT scan yesterday it took 2 freakin hours, the baby would not move in the right position for neck measurement, she would shake my belly and baby would lift its hand like leave me alone I am sleep and curl tighter in the fetal position, she would have me move in all these different positions and then cough, and she used so much ultrasound gel my pants were covered in it.

Then I got my bill for delivery, I was surprised about that did not know I had to prepay, but I am not complaining about what I have to pay, I was listening to this couple while waiting in docs office the wife was having a panic attack about what they had to pay, I heard the number and was like woah I see why she is panicing so I am grateful for the amount I have to pay.

Still throwing up, have not been taking Zofran, no nauseous, so I can deal with throwing up.
I have scheduled my gender scan with one of those 3d/4d ultrasound places for dec 19th wanted to know before xmas suppose to be going to visit hubbys family for XMAS so it will be nice to share the news with what we are having if baby is cooperating, if not gender scan with doc is on Dec. 28th.