Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Endo scratch

Had the endo scratch today, it was not what I had expected, I thought it was going to be bloody, it wasn't, it felt like when you have sex and cervix is low and cervix is tender, it took all of two minutes, no antibiotics, no restriction on sex, things continue as is, so now just wait for witch and do transfer.

I also found a endocriologist I like, my blood sugar was high she said it is in diabetic range, had to do a 3 hour gtt, my day was spent in the doctors office, so I am now back on metformin she will call me on friday with gtt results, she said going ahead with transfer is fine, by the time I have it, the metformin will be in system, she said that if it works, that she will have me in for weekly testing, because I will defintely need insulin when pregnant,

My coworker that did ivf with another doc at the clinic just had beta on friday it was 383 and her second beta it was 1479, I am happy for her, sounds like twins her ultrasound is next week.