Wednesday, October 31, 2007

AM I Wrong


I had my Lap today, I went in at 10am filled out the paperwork, was asked to chnge into the fashionable gown. I was nervous that my blood pressure would be high and I would have to reschedule. She took it and it was beautiful 121/80, yeah the blood pressure medicine worked. Next she put the iv in she first number the area with lidocaine and then my body went cold from the i.v. she put a antibiotic and a medication to make my mouth dry so she they could put the tube in my mouth. Next they said they would bring my husband in, of course he ran downstairs to the cafeteria to get something to eat after I told him don't leave, he came back five minutes later. I ran over the gameplan with him if the doctor comes out talking about I need a hsyterectomy or uteraus removed you tell him no. I read a internet blog where a woman went in for a lap to remove endo and the doc came out and told the husband she needed to have a hysterectomy. Of course she divorced the husband after this. Anyway then they came in and walked me back into the operating room it was so cold in there. They had me lie on the table and the nurse covered me in warm blankets that felt so could the sleep doctor (sorry can spell the a word) said she was giving me something to relax.

Next thing I know I am waking up in the recovery room, and I am pissed I thought they didn't do the surgery. The nurse puts a mask over me for oxygen and says the doctor has good news for you. My husband walks in and then the doctor, and he says he didn't have to do anything not a ounce of scar tissue both tubes are clear all I need now is clomid and he gives me pictures of my tubes to take home.

So far so good no pain just a little soreness at my bellybutton and can't even feel the other incision. but we will see tommorrow how I feel, I hear the gas is the worst part the next day. So closer to my dream of having a little london

Friday, October 19, 2007

The start

This is me diagnoised with PCOS/IR in 2005 after suspecting since 1998 could not find a doctor who believed me until I went to a ob/gyn and she said my hair pattern looked I had PCOS she referred me to a ob/gyn that specialized in pcos. Sure enough there were the string of pearls. She put me on birth control since I was not trying to conceive. Then in 2006 I got married and had recently moved from virginia, to georgia. Dec 2006 my husband and I decided to try to conceive. In Feb 2007 had my consult with a RE from Emory said to do a hsg, and bloodwork, could never get an appointment for an hsg office was very unorganized seemed like every month the procedure for scheduling a hsg changed. So in June 2007 switched to RBA also my insurance covered them anyway. Got my hsg in aug 2007, found my left tube partially blocked and top of right tube seemed like it was stuck with scar tissue on top. Scheduled a lap for oct 31st, went in on oct 19th for preop appointment doctor told me he thinks will need to remove right tube and can possibly unblock left tube if both tubes do not need to be removed. Now I have to come up with $500 for the surgery before the surgery, I wish they told me this at beginning of month could of paid it easily instead put on oaying down my debt, also my bloodpressure is very high I think all the medical assistants in the office came in to check it to be sure. They sent me upstairs to the doctor that puts you to sleep and she told me If I can get it down then can't do surgery, I have to bring a note or prescription for blood pressure medication showing I am under a doctor supervision.