Saturday, October 11, 2008

They're in

Well yesterday I had my transfer, I transfered in 3, all four made the thaw, but embryologist recommended doing the three said one of them to him did not look that great it had only started to divide right before transfer, I should of just went ahead and did all four but no dwelling on it now. Everyone keeps asking are they day 3 or day 5 embryos and honestly I do not know what to call them, they froze some once fertilization was confirmed and that is what was used first so I would say they are day 2 embryos but for purposes for my chart on ff I am saying day 3 embryos, last night I had to get up six times to pee and not tinkle I mean really pee. I had to drink so much water for some reason my bladder would not fill up yesterday so the doc which is not my usual re said she just did what they did back when ivf first started put catheter all the way in till she felt it reach top of uterus and then pull back and release, I think she should of gave me a choice in the matter, if I wanted to go back out to waiting room and wait some more or let her do it the old way, she just did it the old way and then told me she could not see anything on the ultrasound so that is why she did it. I did not like her too much anyway. Hard to find a doctor that is good and also has a great bedside manner. Now we wait for beta on oct 22nd.