Monday, May 5, 2008

I confirmed shipment and paid for my meds they were 130.00 I was happy when I heard that price, I am mad my sister forgot to bring the needles and tubs home in order to draw my blood I was more upset at the fact I was about to turn down the street to her neighborhood and she lives in a very high traffic area so it took me an hour to get home, with no traffic it is a 20 minute drive. The bad news is that I have to have a ultrasound tommorrow because witch has been here for three weeks and doc wants to make sure I do not have a polyp. I don't feel that it is a polyp I thinks its just because I did not have cycle since I took my last dose of clomid and the was two months ago and I had a very thick lining at the time. Same thing happened to me in college when I was given low dose bcp because I did not like the high dose and for three months did not have a cycle because dose was too low and then had annual friend for two months until I went to hospital and they gave me provera to stop it. I am hoping that with the ultrasound I won't have to do the blood work because she will be able to see I am not pregnant or about to ovulate on the ultrasound, and maybe I can convience boss to let me leave early on wed to get the shot so I will what tommorrow brings.