Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Anatomy Scan

Had my anatomy scan yesterday and found out it was a girl, I was so sure it was a boy, I had my name already picked out, now I have to wrap my head around the fact it is a girl. Baby looked good had the same ultrasound tech, I swear she tries to punch the probe through my stomache, I guess there was concern baby was not moving much, so doc came in and there she was just swimming and flipping away, doc did not press probe so hard into my stomache, I think tech was making it hard for baby to move. I guess I will go get me a mannequin head and learn to braid, so at least the child does not look crazy, have another anatomy scan next week with regular doc, and peri wants to do it again at appointment in a month, I have had a ultrasound with every doc appointment I am not complaining, at least a regular doc appointment I can record that ultrasound again. Husband is very excited and stuck on one name, I am still getting used to having a girl so don't know yet really how I feel about the name.

Monday, December 14, 2009


I will be waiting to do my gender scan with Peri on the 28th of dec., bummer but I guess I can wait two more weeks, and it will be a more accurate guess, and very inexpensive just my copay. My appetite has come back I can't eat alot at one sitting but every two hours I am starving, need to be better about having snacks especially in the afternoon after sitting in traffic on the highway I feel like I just want to run cars over so I can get home and eat, I usually stop and get a burger or chicken sandwich not good choices especially since I have to monitor blood sugars and dinner is always high, nurse has already called and cussed me out about making choices after I faxed her my glucose sheet for the week.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Finally uploaded something

I finally am uploading my ultrasound video from 11wks, had to get it converted to the right file. Still have to get a scanner so I can upload ultrasound pics.