Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FET #1 is on the way

Went for the consult basically its a 3400 deposit, we have a credit of 1396.00 after ivf, mom has agreed to gives us the money as a anniversary present yeah, just waiting for them to call me back they took blood for progesterone to make sure I did not ovulate or I am about to ovulate yeah right, and also a beta to make sure I am not pregnant, if all is clear then I will take bcp for two weeks and start lupron on the second week of bcp and then once auntie is here call them for suppression check, if all is well will then start estrace the pills, thank god did not want to do patches because I like wearing lotion, and go in for a endometrial check anywhere from day 10 to day 13 if all is well transfer is day 18. They said they usually start with day one fertilization embryos said will probally thaw out four if all four make it all four will be put back in me. I am just happy no stimming meds