Friday, August 1, 2008

Countdown begins

yeah august is finally here, now just twenty more days, and I get consult and see what the plan is do I have to do lupron for a month or will he just start me? What will he do to help my lining become the right environment I hope no injects. Then last question is this going to cost a arm and a leg. I hope the month goes by fast.

This has been the worst summer my job can never get off on time, get off like 2 hours late, and now she wants us to come in tommorrow(Saturday) because we are a day behind in work, and its the first of the month so people will be depositing lots of fake deposits so they won't be charged overdraft fees and they can get pay there rent, I wish the government would make it mandatory for all companies to give a pay increase to go with inflation of everything, when the economy goes up these peoples accounts that we have to closed and reported to the chex system will be in a bind, no checking accounts at any bank for five years so monday will be a very big workload, and she wants us to catch up. I don't have to go in, but the pressure of being a good teamplayer, when asked I told them I would be there at 9am, most of the team is coming in at 6 am they can have that one. I have to wait a year before I can post for another position, there was this job that I wanted so bad its running the dialer and strategys for the collections department, my husband posted for it, I told him not to do it he got another position in march and they want you to be in position for year before posting for another one, he got the interview which is good they had 500 resumes, the hiring manager told him the only reason he would not get position is because he hasn't even been in current one for six months and what he does now sounds exciting and he does not understand why he wants to leave, and he is concerned that he would want to leave the dialer position soon too, he monitors brinks, and loomis trucks that replenish the atm machines, he makes sure the money balances in the atm machines, and the banks vaults if it does not he has to find out did the agent steal the money, or put the wrong bills in, or entered something in wrong.

Then hubby baby mama called saying that stepdaughters hair looks like it fell out, and she was mad, when she left us she had all her hair, but if it did fall out I think because of shampoo my mom was using this natural shampoo for curly hair, my sister in law has the same type of hair curly and fine, and she used shampoo too and her hair fell out too, she cut it down and it has grown back since, I think shampoo wasn't strong enough to break down the chlorine in stepdaughters hair, I couldn't do her hair because first I don't do hair I don't even like doing mine, and second I was getting home so late no time for me to do hair, I did not want to take her to salons because they would want to blow dry hair and if the dryer is too hot it can change texture happened to me that is why I just went ahead and relaxed my hair it was either cut it down again, or they braid too tight and hair fall out, I guess it didn't matter, my mom can basically do anything do her hair if she wants it straight she just brushes it straight and its straight, if she wants curls she just washes and braids at night wakes up takes it out and she has beautiful curly hair, its long almost mid back, and she always trys to get people to do the same thing. I guess next summer I will just take stepdaughter to hubbys sister she has same type of hair and her daughter does too, don't know what I am going to do if I have a daughter with the same type of hair I am hoping she will have a courser texture like my mom