Thursday, February 14, 2008

My First 2ww

I am now officially 4 days past ovulation, I don't have my hopes up too much, I don't feel I got enough bd sessions good, fertility friends interprets our bd as good so we shall see, thurs I will be 10 dpo but fertility friend wants me to test on the 29th I guess based on my other charts that showed I o on day 25 or 26 but bw would show I did not so now it is just a waiting game, my hubby wants to do iui next cycle because it was hard doing the bd sessions especially now with our schedule changes at work I get off at 9:30 pm and he gets off at 12:30 am and its a 45 minute drive home. So we shall see my boobies are sore and I had to throw up tonight sorry tmi.