Monday, September 28, 2009

BEta #2

Beta #2 is 412 so it is in range with where it is suppose to be, had a little spotting today, it was very faint pink, had this with last BFP cycle also, my insurance company sent me the Mayo Clinics guide to pregnancy and it did say around this time you might see a little spotting as placenta starts to implant itself into the uterus, looks like a good book better than what to expect. Well go back for beta #3 on Monday and if that number is over 2000 then will schedule ultrasound to see heart beat yeah.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beta #1 Result

Got my 1st beta result today it is 90 so there is probally only one in there, it is higher than my first BFP cycle. 2nd beta will be on Monday keep thinking doubling vibes.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Look what I got.....

Well I am sitting at home bored because of all this flooding, going on here, it was hell tryimg to get home yesterday, and my neighborhood is covered in water because we have two lakes, luckly we live up on the hill so house was not flooded, but I was thinking to myself I really do not feel any symptoms this time around, no really tightening in legs, I have been taking naps at work, only had to use the bathroom alot one day, but n-e way I Peed on my only digital and this is what I got:


Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Signs

I had some dark brown spotting today, so I am hoping that is implantation spotting, I was looking for it to be today or tommorrow, I was starting to lose hope because no cramps, and the tight feeling sometimes I feel and other times I don't and my nephew stomped on my toe so I have to limp so did not know if the tight feeling in top of my legs was from having to limp. Went to hospital so I could get one of those shoe boots for foot and all I smelled throughout hospital was onions, and today I am so nauseous, so I hope this spotting is a good sign.

Monday, September 14, 2009

They're In


Transfered four in today, two of them looked awesome according to re and embryo guy and the other two not so good. I now have no more embryos, said they thawed out the rest of the day one embryos and none of them survived the thaw. So they turned to the rest of my blasts one of them did not survive the thaw, so the four remaining were put in me. Beta is scheduled for the 24th it was the 28th but nurse called and said she can make it earlier said 28th was based on if they had to transfer day one embryos, but since we are doing blasts then the 24th is fine, I was like yeah I want to do it earlier, because that means if this works second beta will be on the 28th.

I got my heparin today finally the pharmicist called the nurse to get things squared away, she was really protecting her ass, but I still have to go in tommorrow to get the needles because I need tb needles and they only have insulin, luckly directions nurse gave me were to start tommorrow. So now I am officially in the tww and officially pupo

Friday, September 11, 2009

CVS Drama

I have been trying to get my heparin prescription filled all week, when I first took it in the pharmicist said he would have to order it and it will be in tommorrow. So I went the next day after work to get it had to wait 45 minutes for the new tech guy to stare at the bottle then the lady pharmicist was like she has been waiting to long so she took over and filled it, I asked for needles she said I can't give you needles because script does not state how much I am to take and its not written on script to give me needles. So I call nurse to see how much I am suppose to take and that they would not give me needles, she asked what the concentration was I was like 5000 she said no you are suppose to have a concentration of 20,000 and then you would use .25 twice a day, she was like I am calling the pharmacy, she calls me back says everything is squared away I can go in tommorrow and trade for right prescription and she will give me needles, go in today same new tech guy and they have a pharmacist that works as a floater between stores, the new tech guy knows whats going on but the floater guy won't sign off on it, apparently he told tech guy to tell me to come back on sunday when supervisor is there, and new tech guy is scared so I was sitting there for thirty minutes thinking he was having trouble making the swap in the computer, then pharmicist yells at tech guy you need to tell her instead of having her sit out there. So I guess I will be back on Sunday to see if I can get this filled, if no help then I will just have nurse give me new script and just use the pharmacy in same building as my RE they always have the meds stocked for fertility treatments I should of went their in the first place but its just not conveinant if I need a refill and not seeing RE.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

lining check set

Set up to have lining check on tuesday morning before work, turned in my request to be able to leave work for the transfer for the 14th did not get denied, I was so scared I was because there are already two people off that day, but I guess since I am coming back to work after appointment no biggie. I am hoping lining will be fine it was a 8 on wednesday I think it will be a 12 or 14 by appointment time.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

sonogram today

Had my sonogram today, doc had me worried talking about my lining looked too thick and he was going to give me provera to start a new cycle. Then I reminded him he had me start estrace last week, then he was like oh then your fine lining is coming along fine it is at a 8. Still have to do a lining check next week, but he said I can come during ivf monitioring which is before work and just leave ultrasound with receptionist. All immune testing came back negative. So transfer is still the 14th.