Sunday, April 11, 2010

Friday check in

No more cervix checks yeah, at least at my peri appointments, they said at this point the cervix starts to shorten, and if I was to go into labor they would not do anything to stop it. I think I will probally have one more cervix check at my regular ob visit he said he does not consider me off bedrest till 34 weeks. Still trying to get the crib setup, I have had this crib since Jan. last month it was finally moved from the garage to the bedroom, today it was finally taken out of the box. At least my mom bought me a moses basket, I ordered the stand for it last week so that will be used next to the bed. The crib will be used for during the day for naps. The babys estimated weight is 4 lbs 11 oz. so she is getting big she is in the 60th percentile, doc says right now need to keep blood sugars in control if I want to make it to delivering at 38 weeks.