Monday, March 17, 2008

Had to reschedule

Well I had to reschedule my ivf consult because hubby woke up late today and took his sweet time getting dressed, by the time he was ready to go it was 1015 and had to be there at 1030 and it takes about 45 because of traffic, so now I am rescheduled for wed at 9:30 am nervous because I want to see how much we are going to owe since I HAD Two ultrasounds they went into infertility treatment, so will see how much of that ate up I am thinking we might owe like 900 out of pocket and then I want to see what protocol and meds the doc will want me to take so I can see how much of this my prescription carrier will cover, and then nervous about getting off work for the er and et, I am hoping not to use fmla and can use my two personal days for this, hubby will probally have to get fmla he will be starting a new job in a new department at work april 1st.