Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I have dates for the 4th time

The witch showed up, I am to start estrace on april 19th, go in for suppression check on april 30th and if all is well tranfer on May 8th, which puts beta either may 18th or 19th. My endo never called me back which means the metformin is enough to control my blood sugar. So far so good on the metformin no met tummy, I am suppose to up my dose tommorrow and take one in morning and one at night, but I think I am going to wait till weekend to up it, in case I get met tummy don't want to have it at work. This time around I am not taking it on empty stomache I eat first and then I take it.

My coworker had her first ultrasound monday identical twins 2 in one sac, she could possibly have a etopic pregnancy. She was complaining of sharp pains I told her to go see doc to make sure it hasn't grown in tube, well she saw the two heartbeats today, the etopic has not grown anymore so doc is not sure if it is etopic or not, she goes back friday if it is growing they should be able to see something on friday and she will have surgery to remove it, should not effect the twins, I am so happy for her, and hope she does not have a etopic pregnancy and hopefully its just some debris stuck in tube or it will reabsorb back into body.