Monday, September 22, 2008

we have dates

finally we have dates set, the nurse called me and asked did I have the paper with med dosages for what days, I said no she said you can call me tommorrow and so you can fill in the dates, I was like no we can do the dates and I can put them on the paper when I get home, if I waited to discuss start time tommorrow I would not of been starting till saturday so thaw and transfer would not fall on a weekend. so estrogen starts tommorrow, lining check on the 3rd and transfer on the 10th, the nurse was like you sure you understand everything you are not asking any questions, what questions am I suppose to ask you just follow the instructions from paper, I know I have to look at paper everyday because estrogen dosage changes, she kept asking was I sure, I was like yeah, this is his new nurse so she does not know me the other nurses know I am laid back and if I have questions I will ask or pop up on the weekend with any questions.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

She's Here

Witch finally came today, I called doc and they said call on monday and they will tell me which day to start estrogen, which I am guessing will be tues because that will allow tranfer to happen on friday the 10th, since they do not thaw or transfer on weekends.