Sunday, August 2, 2009

Follow up Appointment Results

Went in for follow-up appointment, results of D&C came back normal male, doc said this was not good, said if it came back because something was wrong with baby he said that would of been better, said since its normal said then that means it was something wrong with me, said also with my implantation rate which would be 9% said we really have to consider something is wrong with my endometrium, said I should be having a implantation rate of 35-40%. Said after next cycle if not pregnant said I can go ahead and use up my eggs and embryos and hope for a miracle, or get a best friend to carry, or just consider myself done with trying. For this next cycle I will be adding heparin to the mix doc said this is the kitchen sink, said if this does not work then that is all. So I hope this has to work in just getting me a positive would be great at this point, am I feelin sad no because if this cycle is not working and I go in for another consult I believe doc may come up with another plan, he had a med student following him that day and he is usually overly dramatic with outcomes when he is being shadowed, So now just waiting for meds to get here so I can start lupron, thank god no birth control pills.