Monday, June 30, 2008

3 days till beta

I hope the rest of the week hurries up, this seems like the longest wait of my life, and I am not testing before hand I want to wait for the phone call, if it says positive then the next day I will poas just to have for the pregnancy scrapbook. I just sit here going back and forth in my mind I am pregnant or no I am not pregnant, I didn't really feel any symptoms today, so I am not, or that is a sign I am. One symptom I am having that I have not experienced is the frequent urination I go like every hour, I do not even get a good nights sleep, and my back does let me know when I am standing or sitting too long, but rest of symptoms nausea, sore bbs, weird smells that can also be attributed the prog. shot. So don't know I hope I find out by 1 or 2 pm its going to depend on the nurse working that day, one nurse she calls you as soon as she gets the results of any test, the other nurse is by the book so that would mean not finding out till like 5pm when I am sitting in traffic.