Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I can make eggs just won't grow

well I am out I went for my ultrasound on monday had six follicles on each side biggest one a 3, my lining was 10.2 and my progesterone was .54 they wanted to see anything above a 5. My choices are now try clomid at 150 mg or go straight to ivf, doc does not want me to do injectibles without it being a ivf cycle since I have no problem making follicles it is just getting them to mature, and since injectibles are expensive don't want to run the risk of canceled cycle because I have too many follicles for iui, ivf would be the best bet since can control the environment and freeze what we don't use. insurance will cover the ivf except for 250.00 thats not bad, I have a ivf consult on monday and I will ask what injectibles and how much so I can call my prescription carrier and see if they will cover, I read on the site they will cover with a 80.00 copay or I pay 20% if I get preauthorization before prescription and its good for 3 cycles. So I will know better after consult I might try clomid 150 mg and see if there is anything he can add with it to help follies mature, and this will buy more time because my husband might be transfering to another department at work and I want him to see how the managers are to see if he will have to get fmla or are they cool and they will give him the day off for egg transfer, since we need his sample. So now just waiting for monday to see what the decision will be.