Monday, March 16, 2009

wth appointment

well had my follow up today, he does not suggest doing immune testing or clotting disorder or a biopsy, he said with immune testing and blood clotting tests, yes you will find a positive test because there are over 30 tests to run everyone has some kind of disorder, he said with a biopsy there is nothing it will tell that we already don't know, that I do have a luteal phase defiency because I do not have cycles or ovulate on my own, The plan that we are going to do is take a Z-Pack and Flagy antibiotics for 10 days, and do a D+C or endometrial scratching as he calls it, he said if there is anything like a high bacterial count the antibiotics will take care of it, and then the D+C will allow me to grow a new uterine lining, because we are damaging the one I have now, he says if this doesn't work then it is a problem with the embryos, which I know then the next thing will be pgd testing, well that is actually still up in the air, because he has not sat down with the embryologist to discuss in detail if he noticed anything from the lab photos, but he said with the brief conversation he did have with him embryologist said they were perfectly fine, he has a meeting with him on wed said if there any changes he will call me. On Monday I have a saline sonogram, that is standard because we ae going into another year of treatment, on april 7th is the D+C, and on april 3rd I start lupron and end of april beginning of may will be transfer. This time he will take day one embryos and grow them to blasts. I hope this one works because this is last one insurance will cover, and then we are out of pocket, so who knows when we would be able to do it again, don't feel like wrapping my head around that one yet.